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  1. Jekyl died today after not being able to find him for a whole week. Reply f forrespects. But hey, now we have Bloop!
  2. Alright so my tama ran out of battery and while I was trying to muster up the energy to find time to replace them when I opened it back up they were already grown ups.... they grow up so fast! I immediately went on to the app and, once again, got rejected twice. and these two profiles I thought were really cute! This one is hilarious, I love how they’re just rolling their eyes, lol and finally Harper was able to get married and get Jekyl who is of course... A BOYYY finally a boy with a boy name
  3. So... I’m an idiot and forgot to take a picture of the twins as toddlers. HOWEVER i can redempt myself by showing you a pic of them now!...i think. and, I love how when your tamas eat the dessert they even eat the plate, lol.
  4. Today I got Chad married! First, I went into the app and got rejected about 5 time HOW...? I mean... I know chad is ugly, but not THAT ugly. I was thinking, well, beggars can’t be choosers, and then thought, yes beggars can be choosers. So I spent ten more minutes and finally got a weird kimono tamagotchi to marry me and I got twin! There names are Jimmy and Harper so far they’ve only cried and pooped
  5. @Penguin-keeper alright,noted! Quick update before I have to leave for school, Chad grew up into... something and then Chad played with mametchi a bit, but they started loving the vr headset too much, haha
  6. Okkkkk so yesterday also evolved into a blob but with a skirt(or something). Should’ve named Chad blob, lmao. and.... I have neglected Chad a bit today because I have a swim meet. Now she is a penguin with a cloud a very, very angry penguin. He’s even angry when he eats
  7. Thx 321boom! Anyhoo, so yesterday I started seeing potential people to propose to. I really want one with those pretty outlines.... sadly they were all children. I definitely didn’t want cloud being in jail! So, me and cloud keep looking, and we found a perfect match for cloud! May not have the pretty outline, but it was super cute. Now there is the beautiful blob of Chad! I sadly only realized later that Chad was a girl. Chad is now short for Chadette, but don’t tell anyone!
  8. Woooh! Alright, so I got into the tama on app and the first thing I do is accidentally click the Tama love party. hhhhhhh. The ninja makes me laugh super hard, same with lightbulb lady in the back. then I promptly got rejected ;( Good thing everyone else got rejected! Also, how do you play the restaurant game, I can’t seem to. ‘ima rest and in about another 10 minutes I’ll tell you about my new baby
  9. Alright, so now Cloud is fully grown up but don’t worry, hopefully in the next generation I’ll log on more. sorry! however, I did snag pictures of him as a toddler kind of blurry, lol. And now here’s a picture of him as an adult tune in in about ten minutes to see him get married
  10. Hi guys! I’m on the 4th generation right now and my new tama baby is named Cloud!
  11. Hi I’m going to restart doing a log after not being here for a year. Anyhoo, I still have the same Tamagotchi white color on :). I’ll update later
  12. Henlo, and I turned him a different color! Now instead of being red, he is orange. I also unlocked food town.
  13. Hello! Ima restoration doing this and quarantine is here so why not. Um, I restarted my game, and here’s a pic of my new tamogotchi https://sunnylilly378.wixsite.com/mysite and just find the first image
  14. So bailey grew up, I was just wayyyyyyyy to lazy. Their child is named Harry╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭