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  1. Yeah, exactly. You do have to do your research on what is considered ‘old’ and what is ‘rare’. Just make sure to REALLY check. There is nothing worse than when you think your Tama will go for triple figures and it ends up going for about £10, y’know?
  2. Well, to be honest, prices on 90s tamagotchis can really vary. In fact, there is a tamagotchi exactly like yours going for £199.99!! But really, the price can vary quite a bit depending on quality, age, how much the seller thinks it’s worth, how much the buyer thinks it’s worth and how serious of a collector the buyer is. Anywho, I’m probably speaking a ton of rubbish. This is purely based on the prices I’ve seen online and what I’ve seen collectors buying for. I’m sure there is someone here on Tamatalk who can give you more help than I can!!
  3. This is actually quite an interesting concept. For some reason, I don’t feel that driven towards a pac man tamagotchi. Does anyone else feel like this?
  4. Thank you for this! If it means paying a large fee, I guess I’m willing. I, myself, also live in the UK, which is kinda a bummer considering the circumstances. Oop.
  5. That is very true. What I said was just my opinion; it really doesn’t matter what I said. Don’t listen to me, I’m probably just spouting rubbish. This was entirely the point I was trying to put forward in my previous comment. I apologise if I worded it incorrectly.
  6. I’m sorry that I’m kinda late to this thread, but it’s interesting to see everyone’s opinions! I would really enjoy the characters being genderless! Although I do like the marriage feature... I think that the characters should have been genderless from the start. I do like that some tamas are more feminine and some more masculine; I feel like I can relate to the characters more! (I’m weird, I know. I don’t need to be reminded uwu.)
  7. I think Hasbro making a tamagotchi would worry me a little. I feel like they would get rid of the OG characters and replace them with animals and people for the sake of appealing to the kids of today, y’know? Maybe they would become like their annoying v-pet cousins you can find at any dollar store. I’m praying this never happens
  8. This is really interesting! If I had the Tamas, and a little less overprotection over my babies I would totally try this out!!
  9. Hello! I am a very big Tama fan. I only wish I had more in my collection! That brings me to the topic of today’s, uh... topic. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites where I can get Tamagotchi meets or tamagotchi ONs for cheaper than the original prices? I see the majority going for roughly fifty US dollars, for the ON at least. Now, I think I need to clear something up here: I do not have the financial freedom to just waltz onto amazon and buy myself a full on colour tamagotchi. I would still like one in good quality though, and definitely a Bandai make. I see people everywhere recommending Japan you want, which I have never heard of nor used (I’m an uneducated Tama-fan I know please don’t come at me ahh ;-;). help... please!
  10. I get the same thing, it’s the exact reason I only have 2. I worry about the price and what my family will think of I continue to get more.