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  1. i had the tamagotchi 4u, i press a+b button at the same time and i met memetchi and she said something but i dont know what does it mean, can u guys pls explain for me?
  2. let me ask a stupid question...... when grim gotchi appears in tamagotchi id and 4u, when I click a clover icon, do the ambulance will come and take it to the hospital? And will the grim gotchi appear when they’re an adult? Which tamagotchi has grim gotchi?
  3. Hi guys, I had a Tamagotchi 4U and today, I know I’m a bad user. Because I neglected my Tama for 1 day, do not care about her sick. And now, when I’m turn on my tamagotchi, I saw a letter, I pressed B button and it says: FIND HER? Then I choose YES. And the screen is move me to everyplace, I saw everything, everyone (tamas) then I saw a park, and there is a little camp, and my tama in it! She goes out and say something (because I don’t now Japanese) and goes home. WHAT HAPPENING WITH MY TAMA??
  4. I pressed password to have food from McDonalds, but my Tama can’t answer the question of the HamburgerMan, how to answer the question, is that possible? If it’s possible, which tama could do it?
  5. Hi, I had the Tamagotchi ID, and my question here it just: -How to receive the mail in mailbox, and how to send. But is the mailbox can work? Seems it inactive! HELP!
  6. I had the tamagotchi ID, my character is an adult and I kept her for 72hrs. But I cannot have the Mo letter, how can l get that? I’m confusing right now!
  7. I had the Tamagotchi ID, I kept my character 72hrs when she adult, but why she does not has Mo letter? I’m confusing right now.
  8. Do my tama die when I leave it for 72hrs?
  9. Hey guys, I have a Tamagotchi V4, I wanted my character play jumping rope but she shakes her head, I thought she doesn’t want to play. Why? And all the games
  10. Does Tamagotchi P1 marriage? Because I played to them 12yr old but I didn’t see any Matchmaker!
  11. I had a Tamagotchi ID, I had girl character and it’s generation 3 but I thought a girl when married it just born another girl character, can I have a boy character?
  12. Does my character dead if I leave her 48 hours?
  13. I’m using the Tamagotchi ID, my character now it’s Lavulitchi and I have Ta Ma To but I don’t know how to get Mo. If mine at teen, and I leave her for 72hours, I fear she will die. HELP ME!!