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  1. There wasn't ANY mention of these following categories like Tending to your tamagotchi on your windows PC This software has been long out of print, developers stopped supporting it altogether, its more than two decades old software, as such it classifies as abandonware and is free to download In my experience this worked well in Windows 7 and Windows 10 smoothly after installing it successfully. However if this doesn't work for you, there is PCem or VirtualBox to allow to keep your tama in a separate emulated, computer. A process where we won't get into in this thread People also forgot existence of Tamagotchi monster for Android You could install this on your android device if you have enabled third party app support or use something like Nox tamagotchi monster has difficulties support large resolution phones and said emulator. I'll experiment with these to make sure and which works to save less work from any of you guys Note to mods. I wrote this thread in 2 AM so this might be in wrong section or against rules, sorry about that.
  2. Overdue update for love wagon twins, they've been busy spreading love day and night for all eager Tamas, young or old Twins happy after their tour with their manager in tow Artist depiction of the twins caught in the act credit: @jlsdraws on Twitter
  3. Just to add, Google is becoming more and more protective about what you install on your phone if you use third party apps Rooting a phone is a long process, heck of even with allowing install from .apk from files, Google can disable "malign" apps and block them altogether
  4. Ra occasionally does unboxings and hands on things like Tamagotchi ON, Meets, etc on his YouTube Channel. I'm stuck in spambot trap limbo in Tama-zone tapatalk. Binary vanished, so there are people stuck waiting for verification that never comes. Google shows latest thread from 2018 on the forum. Place is indeed inactive and unmoderated since half of the admins went AWOL some time ago, there are bunch of people posting spambot trap thread and never got to main forums and old threads. I remember old guard like Ra, Binary and handful of others. Thanks for letting me know that tama zone tapatalk is more or less dead in the water. I'll do my best to try contacting people who tried to get in, but didn't and old admins. I had couple projects going on in Tama-zone, so I just have to improve on those projects that I even remember at this point. ml
  5. As Penguin Watcher stated earlier, Tamagotchi ON models aren't available in UK, EU and plethora of unsupported regions. Here's what you should do to add Tamagotchi ON permanently to your Google account of your choice. First download app called OpenVPN off play store. get a testing account from Mullvad. These accounts last for two hours or so, you should do this step last IMPORTANT STEPS TO DO Disable location tracking (GPS) Clear Google play cache and data. Once you have your VPN set to supported location, US or Canada. Activate your VPN Search Tamagotchi ON app in Google play app Download and install. You have added Tamagotchi ON to your account. You can reinstall it if you buy a new phone or other android device. FINAL NOTES You do not have to have your VPN active to use the app. Tamagotchi ON manual fails to mention that you need to have both Bluetooth AND GPS enabled, otherwise you cannot register your tama units (Up to three), visit tamagotchi Town and download saved gotchi and items
  6. Twins have been very busy making tama town happier for everyone, last few start understand that likes on Tamas isn't a competition, but a sign of appreciation of fellow tama. Both twins reject suitors on regular basis The twins are too busy to spread positivity. No time for boys!
  7. I had some kind of stroke and had a vivid flashback that tama-zone was a thing years ago, lo and behold they migrated to tapatalk for whatever reason, I've been posting in the filter thread there, no-one bothered to verify me there Did anyone else use and still use tama-zone forums? If yes are you a basic user, moderator or admin? I'm pretty much locked out of the forum for whatever reason, I'm not THAT kind of bot, so if anyone can get in touch with Binary the main admin, Rah or any other moderator there. Help would be much appreciated!
  8. Where are mods? I forgot to tag my log thread. I made it when it was 2 AM. Are admins around at all? i remember this Rah fella from somewhere, was it here? 

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  9. Days two and three rose to unexpected popularity, tamas all corners of world appreciated all the love the twins, they only stopped to bathe, sleep and look into their favorite magical mirror and vacuum. Twins were VERY busy during their first days of work
  10. I bought two actually and I live in Europe. Installing the companion with help of a proxy that's in US then follow usual clear Google play data and cache. Make sure that you have GPS installing before download. Manual fails to need to have GPS and Bluetooth enabled to use the app There are thousands of people online at times, often Japanese with their Sanrio Tamas. I'm running something for giggle factor and spread love with my wagon twins
  11. mokimotchi and yukikotchi evolved yesterday evening. Because of wagons they ride, I promptly set up 24/7 like express, Japanese Tamas seem to enjoy abundance of love the twins have to share, westerners not so. People misunderstand that twins want to marry, the wagon twins are married to their business full time 24 hours 7 days a week. Will deliver 10 likes to anyone willing a day, anyone is free to leave a order. More visible you are, more likely you attract your favorite Tama, increase happiness meter and inherit ideal genes. First day of wagon twin like express, customers are grateful
  12. Tamagotchi On twins did not evolve today, because I spent too much time with the man visiting the app, go me! Narcoleptic fits resulted in care misses in earlier generations. Note to self, use on app less