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  1. birthday was on April 6!! i got a v5.5 IN THE BOX!! it was broken ... but i fix it!! Details Series Tamagotchi Connection Japan Release date Price March 29, 2008 3024 円 North America Release date Price September 2008 $19.99 Technical details Screen resolution 48×30 Battery CR2032 Characters and Shells
  2. my tamagotchi is not glitched.i got tensaitchi but how????
  3. i just want to ask peeps witch u like more!
  4. go to japan you want. it has the best japanese models!
  5. my v4 is getting maskchi!! i got a mame 1 time!! plz do you have the same problem?? cyac.
  6. day 9!!/my b-day!! Tamatchi evolved into a Hinotamatchi!! that is all!! stats: Hinotamatchi(boy)
  7. day 7 and 8 Gozarutchi has died so has Hashizoutchi and Megatchi (sad violin song plays)... Masktchi is alive! and it has a Teletchi but Masktchi and Megatchi did get marred!!! and Teletchi from Masktchi evolved into a Tamatchi!! and is my b-day tomorrow!!and good Bye!! stats: Tamatchi(boy)
  8. day 5 and 6!! Gozarutchi got marred!! Hinotamatchi evolved into a Hashizoutchi and got marred!! Young Mametchi evolved into a Megatchi !! and that is all!! stats: Masktchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hashizoutchi(boy) Megatchi (Female)
  9. day 4 Pirorirotchi evolved into a Masktchi!! and that is all!! stats: Masktchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hinotamatchi(boy) Young Mametchi(Female)
  10. day 3 Hinotamatchi evolved into a Gozarutchi! and Tamatchi evolved into a Hinotamatchi! and that is all good bye! stats: Pirorirotchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hinotamatchi(boy) Young Mametchi(Female)