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  1. idk. but it has a camera, 24 raise-able tamas, jobs, cooking, 100 meet-able tamas and, decorating! im gonna get the tamagotchi smart instead...
  2. v3. its nice to play and easy to take care of.
  3. The hard tech teacher happened. garble beeped in the class and the teacher forced me to give him garble and i had to and I had to wait till 24 hours later... he lived for 1 day after that.
  4. TAMA PICKLE Thats all
  5. Hi its me cyac!! my p1 Hey little guy what shoud i call you? Garble!! ok Garble will be your name. Garble? I will be doing chats whith my tamagotchi! bye!!!garble!!
  6. Hi AwesomeGotchi! 

    its nice to know that people in nz still like tamagotchi.


    1. Nokogiritchi


      I'm another one! :D I'm not super active on here but I love my Tamas and still play with them often. Always keen to connect with likeminded Kiwis!

    2. AwesomeGotchi


      Yay! I used to be based on TamaZone and knew a couple of Kiwi's. Haven't ever met them in person tho!