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  1. ok am tamagotchi COLLECTOR but a small one so i would like to see you peeps ones ps my collection: 1.4 v3s 2.1 v4 3.1 ocean 4. 1p2
  2. IT WAS FAKE but i found this PLZ DO NOT BUY!! I REALLY WANT THIS !!!! 😑
  3. my friend offed a deal: 10$ tamagotchi 15th/20th anniversary new! should i buy??? and NZ money is less US and on is not out here!!
  4. should I get an idl Tamagotchi 15th/20th anniversary?? for my first colour tama ? 😀
  5. stuff you need: .clay .paint .string .1 make a tamagotchi from clay (make a small hole in the back ) .2 bake .3 paint (if you did not use colour clay) .4 put hot/super glue in the small hole in the back.stick string small hole in the back .5 tie string to tamagotchi,s Metal ring ta-da you have made a tamagotchi charm 😀