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  1. day 5 and 6!! Gozarutchi got marred!! Hinotamatchi evolved into a Hashizoutchi and got marred!! Young Mametchi evolved into a Megatchi !! and that is all!! stats: Masktchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hashizoutchi(boy) Megatchi (Female)
  2. day 4 Pirorirotchi evolved into a Masktchi!! and that is all!! stats: Masktchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hinotamatchi(boy) Young Mametchi(Female)
  3. day 3 Hinotamatchi evolved into a Gozarutchi! and Tamatchi evolved into a Hinotamatchi! and that is all good bye! stats: Pirorirotchi(boy) Gozarutchi(boy) Hinotamatchi(boy) Young Mametchi(Female)
  4. day 2 Hashizoutchi was marred off, the Teletchi it left evolved into a Tamatchi. my Mizutamatchi evolved into a Young Mametchi. and that is all for to day!! tamagotchi stats:, Pirorirotchi(boy) Hinotamatchi(boy) Tamatchi(boy) Young Mametchi(Female)
  5. i need to run my v3s again so i made a log for them the twist is: if a tama dies i stop using it but if i marry i off it stays!! i have:Mizutamatchi ,Pirorirotchi,Hinotamatchi ,Hashizoutchi with Teletchi i love Teletchi so here he is!! ps if you want me to put in more art please let me know!! good bye!!!
  6. the group hatch starts on April.6!! GOOD LUCK!! v5/v5.5 and v3 ONLY!
  7. ok am tamagotchi COLLECTOR but a small one so i would like to see you peeps ones ps my collection: 1.4 v3s 2.1 v4 3.1 ocean 4. 1p2
  8. IT WAS FAKE but i found this PLZ DO NOT BUY!! I REALLY WANT THIS !!!! 😑
  9. my friend offed a deal: 10$ tamagotchi 15th/20th anniversary new! should i buy??? and NZ money is less US and on is not out here!!