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  1. oooh that's unfortunate 😥 with me i'd probb mess it up if i tried lol thank you 😄
  2. It came with these spots when I bought it. I tried rubbing it off, and I’ve dealt with it. But now it’s starting to bother me. Is it dirt? I’m not sure how you would clean the screen. It looks like it’s inside of there. all help appreciated ^.^ on the last pic,the spot is on her face. The first picture shows the prominent speckle and the smaller one beneath it.
  3. ya i changed my batteries and reset, all good now!😀
  4. I bought a tamagotchi on a few days ago./ I’ve been loving it so far and I read up on how long it takes for them to grow. I have the magic green version and my baby is a blue blob boy. He’s 24 hours old now, but he isn’t aging. Also, I did connect to the app and played the games. Did I pause the growth somehow?