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  1. ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 24th March: New Generation! I forgot to update this, better update. Gen 7, Magaketchi got married to Maskutchi. And so Magiskutchi was born this morning! Currently it's a purple Hoshipontchi with Maskutchi ears, I'm hoping it doesn't grow up to have the Korobattchi body, I'm sick of it now... I basically bought a whole ton of food until my inventory was full and unlocked the salon! Now I'm waiting until I can get my new Tamagotchi (my godmother is getting it for me! ) so I can unlock the final location on my Magic Purple, the Sports Plaza. Current Stats ☟ Generation: 8 Age: 0 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
  2. Okay, everything is now your responsibility. I'm unfollowing this thread.
  3. 😂 When people look back on this logbook, they'll be so confused! ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 20th March: 😕 Pretty boring day, I keep updating this a day behind so this entry won't count. I'm going to update my Tama log twice today to keep it on track. Hope y'all understand. ✰ Rose ✰
  4. This Reddit post says a Fantasy On might be coming, but the comments link to this tweet. So... what is it? Can we really wait that long?
  5. Welcome to TamaTalk! Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question but have a nice day
  6. ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 20th March: App Fun! My Tama evolved! A lovely mix between Korobatchi and Majoritchi. The body of Korobatchi, the hair and eyes of Majoritchi, and the stars of Nanizatchi. I went to the Tama ♥ Party and married a mix between Kuromametchi and Majoritchi, just perfect. I was considering marrying Maskutchi but I don't want it to look sarcastic with Maskutchi's massive eyes. My baby was born, Magaketchi! I didn't actually know what it meant, I just didn't want it to be called Magitchi again. I looked up what it meant in Japanese and it means 'Ghost!' So it's perfect for my spooky baby. Another small thing, I harvested some cherries before I married Magitchi off. I don't ever want to eat them because they took so long to get! I'm trying to stock up on food from the app. Current Stats ☟ Generation: 7 Age: 0 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
  7. My Tamagotchi Group Hatch won't work because I just realised I'm so unprofessional and unorganised. Anyone wanna join and take over?

  8. Guys I just realised... i am not experienced enough to run a group hatch. anyone wanna take over??
  9. ☆ Welcome to my Tama Log! There's no pictures (due to some technical issues), but I hope you can enjoy! ☆ 19th March: App Fun! I got the Tamagotchi App, it's so much fun! My Tama is only a kid so I couldn't go to the Tama ♥ Party, which is a shame. But I played the Restaurant Game and the Catching Flowers game! I unlocked both backgrounds and the toy rocket. Apart from that, it's mostly just cleaning My Tama's poop and all that. Current Stats ☟ Generation: 6 Age: 1 Y/O Evolution Stage: Toddler ✰ Rose ✰
  10. Tamagotchi Fairy Blue or... Tamagotchi Fairy Pink I'm getting a new Tamagotchi On! What colour is better?
  11. I've only ever had a Melody M!x, I think the shell is nicer... 🙃 But here are some links Unlocking Spacy Land HERE Unlocking Melody Land HERE The Meets can connect to the M!x but the ON cannot connect to the M!x, unfortunately. Some of the features (when connecting Meets to M!x can be limited, but that might just be a rumour). Hope this helps!
  12. I don't think so... unless the colour is one which you can get back by eating food. What I mean is... let's say your Tama is purple, and you change it to orange, you can change the colour back by eating Magic Drops (or whatever the candy in Magic Land is called...). But if you have a dark blue Tama, and you turn it orange, there is no way to change it back to dark blue. Nope, permanent change in all parts. It makes colour changing very hard Nope, colour changing affects both ... In conclusion? Colour changing is a risky thing