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  1. Well i ended up getting the camo keitai akai, right now im also having fun with my music star so i think something simpler like the keitai is great to change things up a little. But thanks for the links, ill make sure to bookmark them!
  2. Hello everyone, Ive been collecting tamagotchi since im 7 years old, but recently my wish of getting a v3 tama skyrocketed. After reading a about each version I found out abt the Keitai and the Keitai Akai cellphone connection capabilities, that were similar to the tamatown feature, so I got even more interested in getting one after reading that. But well both the features are now unavailable, but I still want a new tamagotchi, so my question is, should I buy a Camo Keitai Akai or Transparent Yellow v3? In what ways are they different and is there any way to have access to the password systems, or tamatown even? I know the passwords were generated on the tamatown servers, and that there is an algorithm and all that, but is there an easier way to obtain passwords? Thank you anyways!! TL;DR: should I buy a tamagotchi v3 or the Keitai Akai?