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  1. Fairy On ~ Hankunkotchi (Gen 1) This lil nerd finally evolved over night! Glad I slept in, I hate waking up before my tamas lol This is one of my fav evolutions, he's a lil stinker lmao Ugh I hope I get a semi-cute adult! Kinda letting my tamas chill and do their own things today, trying not to be a helicopter mom and all that s**t. I can't wait to get to gen 3 and unlock fairy land, I'm excited to see what it looks like and all the fun items!! I try not to look into it tooooo much when ""researching"" guides, and I'm p. proud of how I've stayed away from fairy land! lol \ Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4) This perfect angel has been doing great, just chillin' out maxin' relaxin', the usual. I may bring him in the app today after I run errands--I do eventually wanna evolve him, but he's had hella proposals, gotta keep the ladies happy ;D
  2. Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4) some of the proposals I received in the app today! ❤️ so cute, i hope there's lots of cute babies!! Hope to track some down on the forums/reddit/insta, maybe :D
  3. I know this is a bit of a later response, but I found this on Reddit the other day, maybe it'll help?? Here's the image & link! Good luck!
  4. Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4) omfg magic switchi just evolved into the cutest little angel in the entire world, I'm pretty sure!!! I may keep him for a minute since I got a few proposals in the app! ❤️ I'll see if anyone else wants lil babies with this boi! also, I've decided to just use imgur to upload pix~ So much easier for my dumb a** I'm glad ppl are liking switchi!! I was nervous about how he'd grow up, but he's got good genes tbh. I'm nervous about my fairy On!!! It's a boy and i'm kinda iffy about it, especially being first gen~ I don't wanna have to breed the ugly out too much! ;-;
  5. Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4 | 2 y/o) I decided to bring my babies onto the app to log their progress so far ~ Feel free to add me on the app, too! ❤️ I didn't realize both devices have a different friendship code, but that makes sense my tama history for switchi!! She comes from a long line of cuties, she's gonna be the spoopiest bell of the ball~! I guess I'll have to put her family tree in another post--I'm having terrible luck with adding photos! Hopefully I'm able to figure it out. I've been keeping my co-workers up to date on my tamas, but they're probably starting to get annoyed with me lol yall are the only ones who will understand my celebrations and woes!!! ~i figured it out--using imgur for photos now!!!~ Switchi evolved from the purple floof into this beautiful devil baby! I love him, I think I'll keep him around for a minute. I've gotten a ton of proposals for him, too! Makes me feel a lil special ❤️ I'm loving this generation of tamas honestly!! So much fun, I hope they do more with the app someday
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw your twins in the app! ❤️ Such cuties, and the art is so adorable, too!!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, been lurking for a few weeks now. I've always loved Tamagochis, have played the OG ones, Japanese ones, etc. Now my biggest obsession is the Tamagotchi On ☆♡ So I'm creating this log to keep track of my two current babies I'll add pics in a minute (so expect lots of edits), this is just gonna be the ~format~ of how I talk about my babies I think!! Magical On ~ Switchi (Gen 4 | 2 y/o) My first one, I got on my birthday of this year! Trying to get a spoopy lil baby ♡ Love the lil horns, but I eventually hope to get the witches broom body or the ghostie one!!! Fairy On ~ Mokumokutchi (Gen 1 | 1 y/o) Got this one a few days ago!! Was already able to unlock all the locations on both tamas, with the exception of fairy land on this tama ♡ First gen since I did the restart trick to get the gym unlocked! The thread is named split personality b/c not only do I want a super spoopy baby on my magic tama and a cutie on my fairy one, but b/c my entire being is just being split between creepy and cute Hope you all enjoy my tama journey, please feel free to stop by and say hello!!