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  1. The Tamagotchi was a day behind. When the time was corrected to what it should be, the Tamagotchi growth period didn't happen? This won't cause a glitch, will it? Will they evolve right after waking up the next day?
  2. What are the growth times for all stages on the On/meets again? Baby: 1 hour Toddler: 1 day Teen: 1 day until Adult? So if you had an egg hatch at 6 PM on the 7th. it'll evolve into a toddler at 7PM on the 7th. The next day on the 8th at 7PM it'll evolve into a teen, correct? And then adult the next day at the same time. Or is Toddler 12 hours?
  3. I know that there's no need to buy another tamagotchi mix/meets/on (especially one you don't understand too well) after getting just one since there's so much play ability, but just curious. When is the next meets coming out? They seem to come out every 3/4 months, but not this time? Sweets released in November 2019. Unless the limited white sweets delayed it? Also, what is the difference between the white sweet meets versus the original pink/yellow?
  4. Thanks , is what I have to permanently remember for the meets being a wonderful Tamagotchi world. However, never have I been so conflicted when it comes to marriage [of tamas] before. What I’m saying is I have twins, who are both nearly exactly perfect in every way. From their behaviour to their attitude, I can’t distinguish the two. Yet despite it all, I have to choose, just one, from them both. The colors and representative position [eldest vs. youngest] has made this a difficult melee. What should I do? They’re fascinating. One [The eldest] is at least a refined marshmallow. Charming, brave, and sporting the colors white as pure as snow {Like her grandmother’s!} & Pink as brilliant as her father’s brother’s clothes (and her mother's). The next [youngest] is very open, lively, and popping bright. Bringing the Light home, she’s a cream yellow {Like her grandfather’s!} & sporting an orange bow now that her Older sister gave her when she was a teen. Now the two are completely “twin” pairs! Sporting something from each generation, I couldn’t be more glad and happy at the same time for the perfect two. The time is nigh. Which or whom marries first (that we get to see?). At first they don’t seem interested in any boys, yet the youngest has got her eye on Kuchipatchi!? Maybe she sees a green that is a latent color in the family. But I think ultimately there is one Tama they are close too that they can consider. However I can’t decide! Help. In this situation when your torn apart between two lovely Tamagotchi which do you allow marriage first? The Youngest or eldest? By colors? Preferences aside, who do you usually pick as candidate for marriage?
  5. Looking over the characters for meets, they seem pretty consistent throughout the five releases (Fairy/Magic, Pastel, Sanrio, Fabtasy, Sweets). I know some people have favourites and it's nice to see the same ones show up, however the meets can connect to other meets{?), so you wouldn't be loosing any favourites when it comes to the adults. Is it me, or is there a lack of character variety? It's understandable that creating a whole new area without problems is a workload, but if you compare the m!x roster to meets, there are already a lot of different characters. Some made station exclusives to the meets. Throughout Tamagotchi history there's been hundreds of Tamagotchi from all varieties: angels, fish, apples... so it wouldn't be TOO problematic if they had a bunch of brand new characters show up, right? (Saying this casually.) I know there are new characters introduced with the mix and On/meets, but how about past ones? Not complaining, just noticed this pattern. [One reason could be that the prominent Tamagotchi from other versions need to remain exclusive as a way for that model to stand out. However, if they are not promoting that version any more, it defeats the purpose?] Maybe it's an in-universe thing where only certain characters can mix?
  6. What’s with the achievements? I’ve played the same game twice with a minimum of one pts and I didn’t get true gifts?? Is there a known problem, or you get a new one every day?
  7. That seem what I would like, except this time I’m considering the logistics of it. So it’s bizarre because the twins are near identical except in color. The gf is rainbow colored, but if any inherited traits are from the father, I want them to show. The twins are like this. Eldest: Pale yellow fur, blue bow, pink clothes. Has a charming attitude and ultimately gets most of the interactions. Youngest: (Perfect) White fur, Forest green bow, red clothes. Has a quiet, pristine appearance and composure. Smiles less than the eldest, but still diligent. Heads up, I just let the youngest go out at a date party, only for him to miss the one he crushes(?) on. I have a feeling his feelings are not receiving at the other end. However I look at the way his crush is looking at his twin brother, instead, and I see another infatuation. Which is not received by the eldest.
  8. In regards to that, I saw someone have a near exact tamagotchi as my main one (first-born). I know similarities can arise, but it’s making me consider marrying the second one (youngest), because his colors seem unusual. What do you think? Should I marry the youngest because he seems very unusual (green - white), or main (Blue - Yellow - Pink)?
  9. Hi, I am wondering what are the possible benefits and extending activities one can involve themselves with, with twin Tamagotchis? Is there any circumstances involved around them, like marital status? How would that work, and what about the Family tree? Basically what Is there to know about them, in every detail.
  10. I contacted my credit card issuer immediately. I only wish I’d done it sooner, or not buy it at all. Thanks for the security check. I hope I can get a refund somehow.
  11. I bought off this site https://www.vialuzsale.com/ weeks ago and haven't had a shipment response since. I check today after 4 weeks and the site is gone? If anyone is tech-competent enough, can you look see through security or history sites what's up with this website, whether it's legitimate or not? I'm worried I spent $150 worth of Tamagotchi only to be robbed out of cash.
  12. I’ve read how the marriage works with the egg on the App, but nothing says what happens to the parents? I’ve found once you’ve connected to the app you can send your Tama back to the Tamagotchi and still have the same Tama as your avatar on the app. Can marriage work like this or does your Tama have to be actively away from the Tamagotchi at the time? If you do successfully marry, how do you return your Tama+their Partner if that partner was found on the app? I don’t want to accidentally loose my Main original Tamagotchi through a glitch or something.
  13. Is there any confirmation or news on April's Tamagotchi on the app? I'm thinking Colorfulrabbitchi for Easter may be the likely candidate, but there's no solid ground on it. Update: Wait, yes, hold on!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Tamagotchi_US/status/1242161706085818369 It was just on the top of my head for thoughts on the matter, but yes, it is confirmed!
  14. Thanks, and I was thinking of other English speaking places such as Australia and the UK, but I suppose they would have to translate it to AU English and UK English. I haven't reached the point yet where the family generation is 20, but for family history I read there was a limit of 20 (visible) members. I wondered why there was this limit, and maybe its because it takes data, so that means when you finally hit generation 21, your 1st generation is deleted to make space for the new generation. Now the question is if the data is stored and becomes view-able on the app, or it is gone forever.
  15. There is the English and Japanese release of the Tamagtochi ON app. The prizes between the two also differ. Is there video proof of the Restaurant prize of a 1000pts+? I could only get to 940. And, is there a list or guide on all obtainables from the Tamagotchi ON app of both versions? Like any other secrets/activities other than the one’s mentioned on the bulletin board?