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    Mimitchi (My first Tamagotchi)
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  1. I want money too... Hey, let me just take that number and get McDonalds... Lol
  2. This crown needs to be adjusted... Not sure it was made to fit all heads. But it's mine now so I guess it doesn't matter.
  3. Ugh, I hate how different the original reboots are. My paradise shell Tamagotchi just went from Tongaritchi (Well-mannered kid, should only evolve into good characters) and after 4 hours of leaving it be on accident (I slept in... Oops) It turned into a darn Kusatchi. Whyyyy?! How did it even do that?! With the 1997 versions it should have only evolved into the first 4 good characters... Argh!
  4. Meanwhile, I'm downloading the new Minecraft Dungeons. It actually looks great. It's a dungeon crawler similar to Fate, Torchlight, Diablo etc. I hope you guys get to play it too!
  5. Not completely sure... At least 500 if we're including new gen... Those new tamas have infinite names! 😣