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  1. I bought these before my last post but they only just arrived. Insane I know. 6 Cute Pets and a DNA Fish which they threw in as an extra surprise gift. Also 12 batteries.
  2. Since I have been to busy to post recently and nobody else seems to have posted much either, allow me to share a few of the arrivals that have turned up in my absence. Here we have a Pet Egg Chicken and a Funny Chick.
  3. I've done lectures on the Mandela Effect for 3 years. Very familiar with that indeed.
  4. One of my childhood favourites, can anyone help me identify what programming he runs on any where I can get more? this video shows some of his functions in baby stage. I forgot how much I loved this one when I was a kid. Really want to get more as this is the only one I own.
  5. If it definitely had an infrared port I'm saying it wasnt a 90s pet. Even official connecting pets back then used pins like the digimon and infrared ones seemed to have kicked off with the Connexion pets. So, Probably Animal Imaginado types. Certain ones could connect with official Tamagotchis too ... I'll continue trying to locate this.
  6. Ok here's what I got. I brought the pink one to life, like I said I would. I forgot how much I loved this pet. This was one of my favourites as a kid. Also, fun fact... it was the last one I ever had active in the 90s. After this one, I didn't bring another to life until 2010. This pet, upon bringing it to life, I can now say this. He is NOT born from an egg, but he's also not born from a bomb. He's born from what looks like a volcano. It begins life as a Seahorse creature, and has mostly the same functions as the original Tamagotchi. When I brought this to life, the first thing on the screen was the memory of when it died in 1999. So it has a memory inside it. I'm going to share a short video of its life in baby stage shortly, so feel free to watch that too. But I'm going to let him live his whole life out to photograph his later stages of aging.Do you recognise any of this yet? I must admit, I didn't see anything for hugs or travelling for walks and bringing back gifts... its mostly a very high quality Tamagotchi gen 1 and 2 clone. If this isn't the same one you're looking for, I'm probably going to make a thread hunting more of these down myself. They are really good ones.
  7. Yes, the Animal Imaginado and UraPet had many versions without the antenna. It's very random since there are so may versions. Here's one example. Any similarity yet? I'll try get one working for you. There's a pink Animal Imaginado without antenna next to a real Tamagotchi. That's a later one that i own. I don't think this one is the one you had though, because these ones dont work.
  8. You know it could have been an Animal Imaginado. These look like real Tamagotchi's, even include the logo in many cases. But they are not Tamagotchi's. Could also have been a UraPet Though there are a lot of bootlegs like this. They do often have several in one, also. But these may be a little to late on in the virtual pet world. Or.... This is the one I have, but in blue. I think it was a pink one I had, it had a glasses wearing dino that ate steak. If memory serves correct. I could be wrong, I know one of them did. I'll share a pic of that one shortly.
  9. Now that I recognise. A dino that grows to have large eyes that look like glasses and eats a steak.... I haven't booted this one up for a long, long long time.... but I think, it could be a pet I own myself. But it would have been in the 90s, once again. That doesn't mean the programming was n't used in later knockoffs though. I'll share a picture of the one I had later, but they may well have recycled the chip and inner workings for a later design.
  10. Strange. I was just talking about My Akachans/Bobby's in another thread in an attempt to help someone trying to locate their childhood vpet, and then I got 2 blings on my phone from ebay saying two items have been delivered. And it was these. That's a total of 6 Akachan 1's I now own, 3 Bobby's and a few other variants of the Dragotti workings.
  11. Bobby Pets are one of my specialties. I admit, the dino idea sounds Bobby-ish, but I've yet to discover a Bobby that uses a bomb as an egg or with functions like what were mentioned. Unless Bobby made sequels, which I doubt, but who knows. These are all the Bobby types I am currently aware of, but they always have 3 buttons, and their functions are mostly identical to a classic Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tamagotchi. And, as you said, it feature Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble on its packaging *(only under the name AKACHAN)* and also as its alert icon. However, the pet itself does not look like them at all. They were also, to my knowledge, never sold as a 9 in 1. I could be wrong, considering how many variants they took on. There are a few more I don't have pictures of at hand. I'm thinking it could have be an Akachan II? Again though, the year 2000 would have been a late lifespan for it... they were also from 1997. But if you're wondering, these are what they look like. However, they do have four buttons. I'm still pretty sure these are not the ones you're looking for either though. These ones ran on the same chip as the Nano Pets. Another option... Did it have a lid on it? If so, could it have been a Virtual Reality Creature T REX DINO. Not all of these have lids. They do have various differnent animals advertised on the packaging... but only has one in the egg. Another option... Mega Pets released a dinosaur with four buttons. ^^^^^ Here's a picture of one sleeping. Does it look familiar? Also, there's the Pocket Dino. Again, though, these are late 90s'... it does have the paw prints up the side of the screen though. Any luck? If not, I have many more options we can narrow it down some more.
  12. Hi, if anyone is interested in keeping up with my Tamagotchi Life Cycles, I now have a special page on my website. You can view it here: TAMAGOTCHI LIFE CYCLES. It displays life cycles of my Tamagotchi's in small paragraphs, like a documentation. It begins in MARCH 2020, as I have trouble backlogging these from the past 23 years. So enjoy what's happening now!
  13. It's nearly impossible for me to post my entire collection at this point, so instead, I'll leave you with about 30 percent of it.
  14. This might be difficult to pinpoint and I'm sure I'm being a pain here, but I'm having trouble getting the release dates for these bootlegs for my website. I have a ton of these fakes, but I can't properly list them by year on the Tamagotchi Museum page because I can't locate them. Also, who is the distributer for the first entry? (Tamagotchi Connection fakes).
  15. Today's arrivals were sitting at my front door. Here we have 'em. A Petogotchi Kitten, Lilac Akachan, Orange Nano Baby and a Smart Chick, with yellow buttons instead of red like my original one.