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    i have 2 tamagotchi connection v1 black and the grey with blue stripes , 2 tamagotchi connection v3 one clear blue with letters and the green with flowers
    i have 1 tamagotchi connection v4 pink with strange designs , and lastly i have 2 tamagotchi connection v4.5 white with designs
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    tamagotchi connection v3
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    mametchi and mimitchi

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  1. hi everyone

    i have a problem

    in my tamagotchi connexion version 1 i will get only the same characters

    please tell me what i do to get different  characters

    thanks 🙏

  2. Hi guys.I want to buy a tamagotchi connexion . you can prefer me some online stores with tamagotchi connexion. Thanks

    P.S. I'm from GREECE . I don't want American stocks .😀

    1. iTamannadi


      You can check ebay I’m sure you will find new ones. ;) 

  3. hi guys

    today i bought Tamagotchi connexion v1, the black version❤️

    i love the tamagotchi's

    1. leogames2012


      Have You...  Viewed This?

    2. Grendel_the_Only


      Me too :D congrats on your purchase!

    3. tamaboy_2004


      hi guys

      a month ago i got a tamagotchi connection v1 limited edition gray with blue stripes *japan limited edition*

      i love it😍😍😍😍

      how many tamagotchi you have

      me : i have only 7 tamagotchis

      i have moreeeeee

      goodbye tamagotchi fans