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  1. I'm so glad that you fixed it! Yay for Cyac!
  2. You may ask about... Why something happened What something is Who someone is Where your tama needs to go when ____ happened When will something happen How will something happen Or anything other question about your tamagotchi! (You may also go to the forums and look/post there)
  3. It is always sad whenever your tamagotchi dies, and you always want to bring them back (well... almost always). Maybe it happened at school, or at home? Well, whatever happened, if you want to post it in here, here is how you may do that. Please, have a title. Now, you may post who died, where you were when it died, or how it died. Let your heart out, and submit your topic. We hope you feel better!
  4. This is a place to let your pride shine! Tell all about your birthday, or how you played a prank on your sisters birthday! Have fun!
  5. These forums are about asking for help, but only about the group, how to post/delete something, edit something, etc. If you want to ask for help, put the main reason why you are asking for help in the title section. Ask what you need help with in the Topic Box, and someone will answer you shortly!
  6. 1. Click start new topic 2. Give your vote a title 3. Give a summery in the topic box 4. Press the Poll option 5. Give your Poll (Or vote) a title 6. Put checks or no checks in the boxes below the Poll Title 7. Put your question in the Question Title 8. Type in your choices 9. If you want more choices, press the Add Choice option 10. If you want to add a question, press the Add Question option. 11. If you want more than one answer, press the Multiple Choice button 12. When you are done, press Submit Topic Great job! Now people can vote for your questions!
  7. Goodbye Watamametchi. Goodbye Mamewatachi. Goodbye Monakatchi I miss you!
  8. You get a new prize every day! The more points you get, the better, or worse. If it says something like: If you score 600 points, you get a cake. You have to score somewhere inside 600, like 687 for instance. Hope this helps! Tell me if you are still confused!
  9. 1. How do I delete a forum 2. How to I go out of a group that I started 3. How do I delete a group (My questions regarding deleting things on TamaTalk)
  10. It's not Corona Time, it's Tama Time!

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      Hmpf! 😡


      Also... :newmametchi:


      Did You Know That Mametchi. In His Original Design Was Chubby?

    3. CheeWaWa


      Omg! That's funny! :P



    4. leogames2012


      Also That Design Is Their Modern Design.

  11. Sorry, but I don't think you can recover anything once you lost it. My regards, Chee This is the best I can do for you.
  12. Sanitary: There are several ways to keep you tamagotchi clean on the Tamagotchi World. In fact, you NEED to make it a daily thing. If you choose bathroom, there are some options that will look like this: Toilet Bath Comb Wash hands Brush Teeth _____ (Some other option) If you choose Toilet, it will allow you tamagotchi to do its business whenever lines go around it. If you choose Bath, your tamagotchi will become clean (if you do not take a bath for more than 2 days, your tamagotchi will become brown and can spread sicknesses (more about that later)) If you choose Comb, your tama will brush its hair (If you do not brush your hair for over a day, spikes (or something like that) will appear on your tamas head! EW!) If you choose Wash Hands, that helps you become "germ free" (Though it will not count as a shower, and you tamagotchi will still be brown if you haven't had a shower). I mean "germ free" by your tama not catching any sicknesses (more about that later). If you choose Brush Teeth, your tama will go and brush it's teeth. If you don't brush its teeth in over 2 days, it will have green marks all around it's face until you do. That's how you keep your tamagotchi clean!