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  1. She woke up then took a bath then she vacuumed the room. Then she ate some gelatin. Then a little short video started she followed a butterfly outside there were two other tamas there. She followed the butterfly to a beautiful cherry blossom tree it was precious. Then she went to town to the shop to play the dolphin game i won 140 gochi points. Then back home she played with her ball in the backyard and walked and explored. Then she pooped but I dint hear her and she did it on the floor so I cleaned her up. Sorry but we didn't take any pics in this wonderful adventure of ours.
  2. My egg hatched into Marupichi I fead her bathe her then played with her with the bear. She went to the toilet. Fead her a ton of the baby cookies to raise her happiness. Then she got sick and rushed for the first aid kit. She pooped now i have to feed her again. Then she vacuumed then played with her bear. After that i checked on her and she fell asleep then she woke up a few mints later and she pooped again she made it to the toilet this time.Then while i was making some delicious dumplings she got sick again i rushed for the first aid kit then she was all better. Then we both had dinner. then little wile ago she grew to next stage Im so happy now she is called Chirorichi and she received 300 gochi points.