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  1. Ahh, that happened to me too, twice. Apparently (and I'm not sure if this is a feature/glitch in all of them, or just some) the new remake tamagotchis will die if they're fed even a few snacks during their child phase. Not sure what's the point of snacks at all then, but only feed them during baby phase (first hour of its life), then not at all as a child or teen, and maybe occasionally as an adult. By following that rule I managed to get 2 adult tamagotchis on the remake.
  2. This new tamagotchi hasn't refused a game yet, haha. Even tho its weight has been down pretty low at times. My connections will refuse to play if their weight is too low tho. I also ordered an original tamagotchi from 97 on ebay as well to see what that's like... this quarantine has made me a bit of a collector out of boredom lol.
  3. don't get why that's weird? seems like something that would be awkward if you were like 12
  4. A couple weeks ago I got one of those new Gen 1 tamagotchis that is a reboot of the original 1997 pet. The first two times I tried to raise it, it died exactly at 3 days old, and after reading online it may be because I fed it some snacks as a child. (Did the original tamagotchi have this quirk too, where it dies even if given just a few snacks?) On my 3rd try I've gotten it to an adult, and it's a masukuchi. I heard this one happens when you take very bad care of the tamagotchi during the teen period, but I honestly don't know what I did wrong. I only ever let it get down to 2 hungry hearts one time, and every other time I caught it at 3 hearts. Whenever I had a happy heart down I played the game instead of feeding snacks. I may have missed a discipline call or 2, but the discipline meter was full. So what counts as a care mistake for this tama, that caused it to evolve into that character? Was shooting for mamechi so am curious for next time. one more question: how long do the gen 1 tamas usually live? since this is the first time I've gotten to an adult character. Does lifespan vary by character and do they get more needy when they get old like I've heard the original 1997 ones did?