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    (Shell designs correspondent to the titles on Project TamaShell.)

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    P2 x1 (Aqua)

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    V2 x1 (T-Blue)
    V4.5 x1 (Red w/ Leaves)
    V5.5 x1 (Purple w/ Sunglasses)
    V6 x1 (Rising Star)

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    Tamagotchi Friends x1 (Amethyst Gem)

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    Gudetama Tamagotchi x1 (White + Silicone case; Yellow Gudetama)

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    Connection V2 (Memetchi + Petitchi)
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    Ura Jinsei Enjoi (Ura Young Mametchi)

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  1. I think I'll stick to just hunting for tamas.
  2. Whatttttt??????? I need this!!!! Never wanted a battery so bad in my life!!!!
  3. My tama family. ❤️

    Mametchi and Memetchi became a couple, and my other two tamas are growing well. :) 


    1. Hapihapitchi


      I love the family you've got going on! And, again, those shells :wub:

  4. Ah, thank you so much!! I will be sure to look!! Absolutely, it was such an original idea!! It wasn't necessarily 'abandoned', but it was my great aunt's house and she sadly passed away a few years ago. We had to check the house as my Dad was entrusted to do that and such, and we found it in an empty cupboard! It was most peculiar.
  5. I got some new tamas off ebay!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    A Ura Jinsei Enjoi (Ura Party) and  Connection V3 (Silver Black w/ Stars)! :D

    IMG_20200411_134015 (2).jpg

    1. Eggiweg


      Great taste in shells as always.

    2. persephonedeterm


      Aw, thank you!! They were actually some of the best deals I could find, so I was pretty lucky!! :D 

  6. Crackertchi and Memetchi!! ❤️ 

    IMG_20200410_132402 (2).jpg


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    2. persephonedeterm


      Aw, thank you guys!! Funnily enough, I didn't personally pick out either. My mum bought me the V4.5 way back when and I found the V2 by chance! :D 

    3. Hapihapitchi


      Wow, how lucky! Your mum's got amazing taste :D

    4. persephonedeterm


      Absolutely!! Haha, she is pretty cool!! :D 

  7. Ah, thank you!! So different children characters can potentially obtain the same teen character, but when given different care levels, eg. Hitodetchi with good care/Tamatchi with bad care? Waay back when I was seven I can remember getting a Kujakutchi with possibly bad care? (it was my first ever tama, I had no idea what I was doing... XD), so that makes sense. It's pretty hard for me to get my head around, haha!!
  8. Ah, great! That clears it up then. I would pretend that the snack option doesn't exist and just play games. EDIT: Oh, and remember meals are also +1lbs, so be sure to keep it balanced so that the weight doesn't get too high. Same here, haha!
  9. My V4.5 tama just became a teen and has evolved into Crackertchi! Because of variation in growth charts, what care level gets him? Thanks!! EDIT: Oh, and it may be relevant to say that it evolved from a hitodetchi!
  10. My V4.5 tama just became a teen and has evolved into Crackertchi! Because of variation in growth charts, what care level gets him? Thanks!!
  11. I see, so that would be why you got Tensaitchi! He's a pretty awesome character too.
  12. No worries!! I'm lucky to own a P2, so a can just boot it up and see. Since OP has their tama, they can check also! If they don't refuse, that ties things up pretty neatly.