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  1. oooo!!! i would love to see a mod like that! ive watched some footage of sonic robo blast 2 recently and it would be awesome to see a tamagotchi mod for it!
  2. some nyatchi art i drew a while ago that i wanted to share!
  3. im really excited for this one!! to me it just looks fun and im excited to see what they're gonna do! also i like a lot of the new characters!
  4. ah ok!! its good they can at least be played sort of through that! i think ive read some things about how to play shockwave games in other ways but im not super experienced with doing that
  5. ok i put together the google drive folder! im not super experienced with getting shockwave games to run in modern day but i think these are enough to make the games work if you can find a way to do that! theres 5 games in here and i think theyre all pretty simplistic from what little ive seen of them but! enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1N524S3ADVRBnr5T0uxXBZCFZRpnxOZ5R?usp=sharing
  6. : D!!!!! im thinking of maybe trying to upload them to a google drive folder and sharing that? im not sure how well it would work but thats just what ive thought! i have a huge passion for old parts of tamagotchi despite not being around for it and i get incredibly sad when things about it seem to just be lost to time and am trying to do what i can! i think you can still download the game files through the wayback machine but i wanna make sure theyre archived in case something happens where they arent available anymore!
  7. i havent seen anyone talk about these before so i thought i should make a post about them! on the vintage tamagotchi website for a while there was quite a few tamagotchi games running off of shockwave, being based on various pets from around the time! i think ive only seen like maybe 1 photo of them before? they were based on things like the ocean, devilgotchi and santaclautchi and some others too! the reason i really wanted to make a post about this recently is that i dont think ive seen them really archived anywhere before but i have the files to them which i got when i was browsing the vintage website a while ago! i havent figured out how to play them yet since shockwave got discontinued a long time ago but i just really wanted to share! im not sure how to go about sharing the files to the games yet but ill find a way to do that if anyone wants the files! there was also a flash game on the website that i think involved professor banzo but i think that one is sadly lost to time since i cant download it anymore... i think it was just a way to connect it to other parts of the website so if it was archived i dont know how much it would do sadly but! i hope it was ok to share information about this little part of tamagotchi! im gonna see if i can play the games and record footage soon if i can!
  8. i!! wasn't really sure how to feel about the device when i just saw stuff about the camera feature and commercial but!! a lot of the new features are actually kind of exciting to me like the tamagotchi.com missions that sounds really cool!! im still not sure if ill pick it up immediately but it does seem cool!!!
  9. thinking about the tamagotchi mangas.... theyre really cool i hope more of them can get scanned someday!