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    art, vintage tamagotchi, sonic the hedgehog, ribbit king, lost media, any weird or experimental games and a lot of other stuff!

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    tamagotchi video adventures vhs, tamagotchi cd rom, pacman tamagotchi, hello kitty tamagotchi, two P2 2017 relreases, tamagotchi for gameboy, the corner shop trilogy, the 64 game, hoshi de hakken tamagotchi, and some other random things!
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    the arukotchi!
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    a lot but some are zuccitchi, ginjirotchi, cosmotchi
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    nothing right now!

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hello my name is gray!!i love tamagotchis a lot and they have been! a big part in my life  but only recently did i really start!taking interest in them a lot more! i wanted to join here since it seems like a really nice place to talk about tamagotchis! 

i draw a lot of art and just generally make a lot of content about tamagotchis since i just enjoy it a lot! vintage era is my favorite to think about and talk about since the characters and locations are just really cool to me!