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  1. hiii everyone.. its been a bit!!! im lookin at p's and etc.. wantin a new baby. how is everyone?

  2. music stars are fun... 🙂

    1. Nazotchi25


      The Music Star was one of my all time favorite Tamagotchi versions. A neat premise 

  3. ooooooohhhhhhhkay... i got really WILD when i got back in town (busy), so. uh. i stopped for a bit but im back now! paused everyone and put them away, but decided to start my v6 because. i am bad at music stars and want to try again. i am just. so bad at band practice but its ok no pictures for rn, im too tired, but. yeah. im back ! updating again. right now i have a hitodetchi named corn.. she's very good. she has a piano!! love her to bits.
  4. hi everyone! it's been a bit!! hehe... uh! so! i went out of town for like a week! i got back a few days ago but i was so stinkin tired oops. and then before that i was so exhuasted from the uh,, nano n the dinkie stuff i just didnt have energy BUT.. IM ON NEW MEDICINE NOW .... which is super exciting for me so hopefully i can keep up motivation ANYWAYS !! i went to new mexico!! to the mountains to camp with my grandma for a few days!! it was so super nice i sat outside most days and just played w the tamas i brought and make bracelets and stuff. it was really good! it was super nice and it wasn't near as dang hot there as it is here in texas oops. ALRIGHT!!!!!!! i!! took a lot of pics while i was gone but i dont. want to deal with them all because i took So Many so this update just doesn't have pictures but o well mitch, shrek, and cosmo all had babies! i named them uhh.. gunth, boet, and astra. so i took care of them while i was out of town! went all the way thru their growth cycle... also, um. nugget died. that's entirely on me, she'd been around i think 13 days? idk im not really big on the modern tamas at all, i feel so bad for her though... oh well. so gunth boet and astra all grew up the week i was out of town (two zuccitichis and a billotchi!) n they've all had kids now! and they're paused because i didnt want to be tamagotchi babysitting AND map navigating then i, left them paused while i was resting but i was going to unpause them here soon so !!!! yeah! OH ALSO MY PACMAN TAMA. it is working now!!!!!! the back was too tight or whatever, if you didn't see that thread. i couldn't get it all the way open but when i rescrewed the back on it worked without resetting again!!! i had mametchi for a while before he went to tamaplanet and now i have a pochitchi!! IN OTHER NEWS....... im planning on making a tamagotchi lanyard i think, just for fun. i want to put different sprites on it! i need suggestions on what tamas to put on it n what sprites. im gonna be putting some pochitchi and maskutchis on it, then mb some mimitchis? im not sure what characters i want to use all the way, or how much room i have. or even what sprites!! eep. but i found out that my friends favorite tamagotchi is pochitchi after showing them some sprites so im really excited to be sending them updates and sharing stuff with them so yeah!!!!! alright i love you guys ill see u l8r :!!
  5. hi everyone!! i hope youve been doing well ((: ive been out of town and will be until next week but i just wanted to say that i love yall!! also, log update when i come back ((:

    1. Eggiweg


      have a safe trip!

    2. 321Boom


      Hope you're enjoying your trip :D stay safe :) looking forward to more log posts from you :D 

  6. im on discord calls a lot and sometimes one of my tamagotchis will beep n my friends will ask me if its mitch bc thats what i named one recently. makes me happy.

    1. Mandymom


      Your friends: Oh is that Mitch?

      You: ye :)

  7. yes!! when i opened up my pacman i couldnt get the panels off because my screwdrivers werent the right size but i put it back on and it hasnt reset yet?? so it's been working really well since i messed w it!!
  8. oh boy i didnt even REALIZE that was a button back there... yeah, definitely gonna pop it open. dont really have means to return it so.. might as well poke my nose into it. thanks!
  9. ah really? the buttons just press so easy it ends up doing it if i throw it on my pillow too hard... maybe ill pop it open and check it out, i dunno. done it at least 5 times now.
  10. getting my friends to watch one of my favorite movies with me tonight and my MOST favorite horror movie ever ... GHOSTWATCH!!! aaaahhh its so fun and weird and the controversy around it is so interesting im so excited

  11. HOKAY! It's been a minute, huh? aah... my depression got really bad for a bit there, but i started a new project with my friends so im back in action a bit we're working on getting me a therapist so hopefully this is better managed, eh? here's what i missed out on letting yall know when i was .. well, mostly just chilling in bed, haha. so here's cosmo! i ended up putting him on pause because he was all grown up, but i took this picture right before he did. so cute... i haven't started a new baby with nugget because i just- havent, so she's still around. her favorite toy is scooters, and i think she really liked banana smoothies? i didnt get a picture of it but she seemed REAL happy. if you hadn't heard; i got a dinkie! ... it's not working. i got the batteries in right, but now the buttons don't respond. then one of the internal screws is stripped. i got some good advice that i just haven't put to use yet because it all really was just super exhausting, you know? but here they are anyway, just for fun. but!!! i also got two OTHER tamas in the mail! i only turned on the V2, who i named. shrek. because it was like, eight in the morning and i didnt have the energy to think of something clever, haha... mitch ended up growing up too! so he n shrek played together a while. before i turned off pacman, genuinely solely because i kept accidentally resetting it and was getting frustrated, i got this lil dude! then mitch and shrek both grew up completely! mitch i think about two days ago? and shrek was today. with this that means that cosmo is being unpaused and im going to probably put mitch on the shelf for a while!... mostly because i want to run the two V2s side by side, even though I have two V3s now and theyre my favorite version... maybe ill keep mitchell on anyways. ok!! with all of that, thats!! it. everyone's up to date! ❤️
  12. aa! you're all too sweet! noo, i'm fine! i promise. i just realized daily isnt great for me because i have some really bad days between some decent to good ones .. but the log is fun! i intend to keep up with it, just not in the way i originally planned. hehe. ty all sm for ur messages. im getting some pictures together rn! im excited to type this all out and post it. tysm!!
  13. i appreciate that... i think im going to turn off my v3 when it grows up, because 5 tamas is a lot to run, even if ones a nano. i have my beach v2 paused right now because it's an adult, and when my heart one grows up (which i got last night and im so excited to show off when i have more pictures!) ill have them together ❤️ so yeah.
  14. DINKIE BATTERIES IN! it works. except the buttons dont work now; they feel wrong and arent letting me put in the time. i tried to open it for cleaning and one of the screws holding down the circus board was stripped. :( this is so much effort... ty everyone for the battery help tho!! at least i know its not totally busted.