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  1. one of my friends collects digimon and i finally bought one of my own to add to my vpet collectio. he has a tamagotchi because of me so it only seems fair!

  2. theres this musician i really like and he uploads stupid little videos on youtube sometimes and last night he uploaded one called christmas boyz. its the beginning of march. are you ok nelward... its a good video tho ❤️

  3. so its been a bit but .. things went wild so. heres a list -we're moving -i got my tamagezi and tamaphone! -no new p's or 4U yet, but keeping an eye out -the tamas i ran during the snow storm got turned off once the power came back because i find more than like.. one maybe TWO tamagotchis at once overwhelming 😔 ANYWAYS im excited to get a new p's, i have a few that im watching but i reaally have to wait about a month til we move to get anything so in the meantime i just have to wait. ive been running my tamagezi ever since i got it and im REALLY enjoying it. i love the art.. animations.. that he doesnt let you spam him with treats aha (i get lazy a lot). im really excited to see him grow up! he's six right now, but i think ive had him for about eight days? he DOES keep freezing or the batteries will get out of place so ill have to finagle it but. its fine. i think i lost a lot of hours because he froze in the middle of the night once. literally would not turn off i was too tired to get up and do anything about it but when i woke up and checked on it none of the buttons worked. i messed w the batteries and put them back in and then he was fine! the time was like.. around the time i went to bed, so a little before 11, just a bit before he woulda. this morning i woke up and he wouldnt turn on but i readjusted the batteries again and it thought the time was 8am when it was 9am, so i only lost an hour. i think it just... freezes sometimes. when i drop it itll reset too, like my pacman nano. i might have to bust into it soon but its not anywhere near as frequent as the pacman so im not too concerned. ANYWAYS i hope ur all doing well !!! lov u all (:
  4. aah.. im in the southern snowstorm, power keeps going in and out. in an effort to not sleep the day away im going to restart my m!xes..! and some others. just keep myself occupied. stay safe everyone!!

    1. iTamannadi


      Enjoy running them and stay safe :) 

  5. i tend to focus on what gameplay elements i think i would like the most when tamagotchi shopping to expand my collection! thats why i prefer connections over the earliest tamas, i like having minigames and items 🙂 i havent done a lot of looking into IDLs, and i know i personally have more interest in a 4U for the english patch, BUT, i think theyre both fun versions from the little digging ive seen! it really just depends what you're interested in as far as features go. that's always what i use to make my decision, anyway. i can also tell you that personally i am... getting sick of the gene mixing on the m!x, meets, on, etc. i find it interesting the first few generations, but then it gets old. which isn't a big deal! that's just me. i like knowing how well ive done and the gene makes that... hard, i guess? it's cute though. the m!x was my first color tamagotchi and i definitely wish id waited a bit for the on/meets to come out, but of course i had no idea about them at the time. and thats ok! but if you think you'd like the gene mixing then i definitely recommend those, they are really cute.
  6. oh absolutely. i am... very tired of mixing my tamagotchis aah.. i mean its CUTE but. i miss being able to tell how well i did like with my connections yknow?
  7. hi! so its been a bit but not a lot has happened other than the... p's broke so im trying to return it. now im trying to get my on as old as possible 🙂 and this morning my v3 got married with a kid! idk what ill name it, but. other than thaaat... i might order a 4u? or i could get two of them used. im not sure if i want to get one or. two. the condition changes of course when i do that, then im also gonna get a digimon (:!! so that's exciting. id love to hear thoughts or suggestions about one 4U in box vs 2 used 4Us... im not sure what i want! its about the same price to get either or, so it's no big deal to me. alright love yall!! EDIT: i found a 4U+.... and after some research i think i'd prefer a + over a regular? its more than a regular in box or used but thats fine. i need to do more looking around but!!!