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  1. one of my friends collects digimon and i finally bought one of my own to add to my vpet collectio. he has a tamagotchi because of me so it only seems fair!

  2. theres this musician i really like and he uploads stupid little videos on youtube sometimes and last night he uploaded one called christmas boyz. its the beginning of march. are you ok nelward... its a good video tho ❤️

  3. aah.. im in the southern snowstorm, power keeps going in and out. in an effort to not sleep the day away im going to restart my m!xes..! and some others. just keep myself occupied. stay safe everyone!!

    1. iTamannadi


      Enjoy running them and stay safe :) 

  4. im returning my p's and then im getting a 4U and a digimon instead so!! i guess its ok. i wish it hadnt broke, i was really enjoying it so far, but thats ok. ill just wait for another one to come around 🙂

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Aw, I'm sorry that it didn't work out in the end. :(

      Still, which Digimon are you getting?

    2. DraconicDetective


      the 20th anniversary edition, i think? i keep calling it the one with splatoon colors but uh. its like bright green and neon pink. my friend is into digimon where im into tamagotchis so i figured id get one per his recommendation 🙂

  5. i called the doctor and she thinks i have covid and then ?? my tamagotchi ps got delivered an entire month early ??????????? i. hm. fate i guess

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Don't worry about it, man. Most people who supposedly die of Covid-19 are in their 70's and it has been commonly understood for quite awhile that if you're below 65, you're low-risk. Furthermore, there is good reason to suspect that its been hyped since it was a big concern back in March of 2020, and here we are in January of 2021, alive, with everybody acting super inconsistent with when they wear their masks (not to mention believing herd immunity doesn't exist and that we will all be magically infectious for eternity because we don't know if we have it).

    2. DraconicDetective


      aah yeah, but i am... high risk, actually! heart conditions from birth. my results were negative but it was still scary aah. im ok now but it was just a lot at once all of the sudden

  6. i... ordered a phone with NFC and IRDA and a tamgezi.. then my p's comes late feb. very exciting (:!!!

  7. hey, quick question that i don't think warrants a topic, uh. are rechargeable batteries ok with tamas?

    1. Nazotchi25


      That is a pretty good question... I've never attempted before. I would personally think that they're okay

    2. Penguin-keeper


      My understanding is that it can depend on the model. For example, the Meets won't always behave correctly with rechargeables because the voltage drops off too soon and it wasn't designed to handle that, but its Western version, the On, can use them.

      I would hope that Bandai keeps that in mind moving forward. :)

    3. 321Boom


      I've been using the white rechargeable Eneloops for 18 generations in my Magic ON with no issues whatsoever in case that helps :) I did hear about problems with the Meets as Penguin-keeper stated though, so I'd be weary of using them with that particular model.

  8. hiii everyone.. its been a bit!!! im lookin at p's and etc.. wantin a new baby. how is everyone?

  9. music stars are fun... 🙂

    1. Nazotchi25


      The Music Star was one of my all time favorite Tamagotchi versions. A neat premise 

  10. hi everyone!! i hope youve been doing well ((: ive been out of town and will be until next week but i just wanted to say that i love yall!! also, log update when i come back ((:

    1. Eggiweg


      have a safe trip!

    2. 321Boom


      Hope you're enjoying your trip :D stay safe :) looking forward to more log posts from you :D 

  11. im on discord calls a lot and sometimes one of my tamagotchis will beep n my friends will ask me if its mitch bc thats what i named one recently. makes me happy.

    1. Mandymom


      Your friends: Oh is that Mitch?

      You: ye :)

  12. getting my friends to watch one of my favorite movies with me tonight and my MOST favorite horror movie ever ... GHOSTWATCH!!! aaaahhh its so fun and weird and the controversy around it is so interesting im so excited

  13. DINKIE BATTERIES IN! it works. except the buttons dont work now; they feel wrong and arent letting me put in the time. i tried to open it for cleaning and one of the screws holding down the circus board was stripped. :( this is so much effort... ty everyone for the battery help tho!! at least i know its not totally busted.

  14. i cant tell if i just... don't know how to put in these batteries or if theyre dead or if my dinkie is broken but it sure isnt turning on huh. :( 

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    2. GrumpyPoney


      Maybe you can ask to a watch shop (sorry for my english) if they can open it for you ? On facebook some people suggested me to " Get a really good nail clippers and grip the screw with it, and twist the screw off. Works pretty good"

      and someone else: " Try a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver"


      The first helped me to pull out the stripped screw from my angelgotch

      I don't know if it help


    3. DraconicDetective


      ill try it for sure, worth the effort at least. i appreciate it a lot!! thank you..

    4. GrumpyPoney


      You are welcome ^^

  15. i have a v2 and v3 coming in the mail, a dinkie, and i got my pacman nano last night, but i saw a wonderland on and i MELTED theyre SOOOO pretty and im this close to getting one ugh... i dont even have the batteries to keep both my ons, on gdsfhgjlk;

  16. i filed my unemployment late and i got my check recently and im really about to drop it on some MORE tamas huh because i already got some today ...

  17. how is everyone doing?? ❤️

    1. Decotchi


      Great! Just put all my tamas to bed :lol: