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    Half-Life, the McElroy Family, Ace Attorney, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The Adventure Zone

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    Tropical Beach V2, Red Hearts V2, Cherries V3, Light Blue w/ Balls V3, Pink Stripes V4, Cotton Candy shell V5, Pink 20th Anniversary M!X, Sanrio M!X, Purple Magic ON, Black PacMan Nano
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    V3 <3
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    Maskutchi, UraTogetchi, Togetchi
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    Purple Magic ON, Cherries V3, Red Hearts V2, Black PacMan Nano

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:hitodetchi: Barnaby | He/Him | 19 :hitodetchi:
:hitodetchi: I got into Tamagotchis early-mid 2018, and now consider myself a bit of a collector! :hitodetchi:
:hitodetchi: I can't say I'm the most active user, but I used to have an account here. Since then I changed my name and such, so... :hitodetchi:
:hitodetchi: Having an account name with my name in it didn't really suit me, yeah? :hitodetchi:
:hitodetchi: I'm a huge chatterbox and like to make friends; feel free to hit me up! :hitodetchi:
:hitodetchi: Love yall! TTYL! ❤️ :hitodetchi: