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  1. Btw I made a tamagotchi Google classroom class the code is 3ssdsim
  2. Hello, I'm back. And this time, I'm not asking for advice, I just want to see how everyone's tamagotchi ons are doing! My on is my favorite tamagotchi (I only have two lol) , and rn I have twin girls. If you can, pls show me pics of your tamas! I don't know how to, so someone pls tell me. Hope to see your tamas soon!
  3. So I bought my tamagotchi P1 used, and I think there is a bug to where I can't go to the eighth option. Is this normal? (Btw it's a teen, if that matters)
  4. Ok thx. Maybe the tamatalk conv. (Idk what to call it) I read was lying. Thx for reassuring me
  5. I have an on and what I do with it when it runs out, is I push the reset button then continue. Most of the time it's just a glitch, and I just move along. Srry if I'm a little off topic I didn't read the rest
  6. Hi who loves mametchi I do so we need a way to get him to be the mascot Btw I'm new so pls don't judge