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  1. Hello! It's been a while since I've posted. Here's what I've gotten since my last update on this thread (I've also started a log to try and declutter my posts !) Gen 9: Mohitamatchi (perfect care)-> Hinotamatchi -> Togetchi, married Sebiretchi Gen 10: Mizutamatchi (3 care mistakes, ran out of time to make the 4th) -> Hinotamatchi -> Tosakatchi (too many skill points for Universal), married Marotchi Gen 11: Mizutamatchi (4-5 care mistakes; went a little overboard here) -> Ojotchi (resumed perfect care to try and get any other adult)-> Masktchi, married V3 Tsunotchi Gen 12: Puchitchi (perfect care) -> Ringotchi -> Marotchi, married Tarakotchi Gen 13: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Hinotamatchi (again?? )-> SimaSimatchi, married Hanatchi Gen 14: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Gourmetchi (kept skill point total <40) -> Pyonchitchi, married V3 Debatchi This one was a really weird case, though I suspect it's from me trying to find "shortcuts". I opened a mail to drop the happiness and speed up the care mistakes before it was scheduled to evolve, however, I think that this caused a discrepancy where one stat (hunger) was perfect while the other was low and vice versa. So during the care mistakes, both bars were never empty at the same time. Again, this result could just be random. I was a little relieved that I got Gourmetchi instead of Hinotamatchi though! Gen 15: HARUTCHI! (perfect care) -> Young Mimitchi (perfect care but missed 2 training calls...) -> Hanatchi, married Tarakotchi This case was just unfortunate and was totally my fault. It was a busy weekend and so I dropped the ball here (my V3 also turned into Debatchi). This just goes to show how sensitive Young Mimitchi is, since I gave it perfect care otherwise! Gen 16: Mohitamatchi (perfect care) -> Young Kuchipatchi Finally! I can't figure out what I did "different" this time but I'm glad I finally got it. He should be set to evolve into Kuchipatchi later today (social points is 175 so far). It was interesting to see that I finally got a Kuchi teen after putting some "distance" between this one and its Meme ancestors (4 gen gap). I'm not sure what I'll do with my Tamas afterwards but I think I'll keep running them until the end of the summer. I still haven't ever seen Zukyutchi, Minotchi, Pukatchi, or Yattatchi so it would be neat to keep trying. I think we can likely conclude that levels of care and discipline play an important role, but the random factor still exists to a certain extent with child evolution.
  2. Thank you! I kept notes as a part of the V4 child evolution research project started by Maria&Co in the linked thread. I'll be sure to check out those links - the V2 was my first and so it hurt to see that it no longer works as it used to!
  3. Thanks! Hope you found this entertaining!
  4. Here are some growth charts that I found online so any readers can follow the character names on both versions!
  5. NOTE: COMMENTS ARE NOW WELCOME! Feel free to drop any tips, tricks, or experiences with child to teen evolution on the V4 Started the next round with a Gen9 Mohitamatchi! I tried perfect care and this time, to my disappointment yet again, ended up with a Hinotamatchi -> Togetchi. Coincidentially, his twin brother on my V3 grew into a Memetchi, who I was absolutely obsessed with! I guess the Meme genes from Makiko were way too strong. I absolutely love the Meme family characters but I really am just looking for a change and as a completion-ist, I want to try and get the characters I haven't seen before. Anyways, through the Matchmaker, the Togetchi married a Sebiretchi and had a baby boy. According to my childhood journals, the longest streak I have ever had was 9, and so I have finally beat my record as I reached the double digits! Up next I had a Gen10 Mizutamatchi, who would be the first to start receiving the controlled care mistakes as outlined on the original thread. I only managed to give 3 care mistakes before his evolution time came around and grew into a Hinotamatchi. Oh well! I wanted to try for a Universal character this time, however, his skill point total was too high with intelligence >40 so he grew into a Tosakatchi. He then married a Marotchi from the matchmaker and they had a baby girl. Then, I got a Gen11 Mizutamatchi (I was expecting a Puchitchi!), who would then receive more controlled care mistakes. I managed 4 care mistakes from hunger, and kept the bars fairly low to try and accumulate the care mistakes sooner - this was likely a mistake as she grew into an Ojotchi -> Masketchi, which I welcomed to break the Meme monotony. I should have refilled the bars immediately after and waited for them to drop again to try for the next care mistake. Masketchi married my V3 Tsunotchi and they had a baby girl. We continued with a Gen12 Puchitchi, who again received perfect care to grow into Ringotchi -> Marotchi. She married a Tarokotchi from the Matchmaker and they had a baby boy. Following the pattern so far, I got a Gen13 Mohitamatchi! I really thought this would be the one, and so I gave it perfect care. It evolved into... HINOTAMATCHI! AGAIN! WOW! I couldn't believe it! I tried to keep its stats low to try for a Universal adult, but again the skill points total accidentally became too high. He grew into a ShimaShimatchi. As if to mock me, my V3 grew into... a KUCHIPATCHI !! My ShimaShimatchi married a Hanatchi as we continue this experiment.
  6. Starting with the Gen5 Mohitamatchi, I gave perfect care and unfortunately, ended up with a Hinotamatchi -> Tosakatchi... Clearly this was going to be a bigger challenge than anticipated! Thankfully I seem to have an abundance of time so I soldiered on . The Tosakatchi married a Masketchi through the Matchmaker in an attempt to "scramble" the Meme genes, and I got a baby girl. I got a Gen6 Puchitchi which I was super excited for! I gave her perfect care and obtained Ringotchi -> Mimitchi, who went on to marry my V3 Androtchi. Next up was another baby girl, a Gen7 Mohitamatchi! With perfect care I finally obtained... YOUNG DOROTCHI -> Sebiretchi, my first ever Kuchi characters on this V4! I was super excited to see that varying the level of care was able to make such a great difference in the characters I was getting; as a kid, I only ever gave abysmal care and so I never really got anything new. Anyways, my Sebiretchi married a Gozarutchi through the Matchmaker in an attempt to keep the "genetic" influences clean. I was happy to see another baby girl, who grew into a Gen8 Mohitamatchi! I gave it perfect care yet again, however this time, she grew into an Ichigotchi -> Memetchi -> Makiko; As mentioned in the original thread, I hadn't seen these characters in over a decade so I was fine with it, but disappointed that the perfect care strategy didn't seem to work. It seems as though child to teen evolution does have a random component to it after all. Makiko was able to marry my V3 Bunbunitchi, and had a baby boy as we continue our experiment.
  7. NOTE: Please do not comment until all posts are ready. This log currently has no photos (at least until I figure out how to add them!). First, I will dump a couple of posts containing my history from this summer, followed by weekly updates as I go along. As a kid I would always draw out my evolution lines in a journal, which I will continue to do in addition to updating this log whenever I can! Hello all! I have recently gotten back into Tamagotchis during the COVID19 quarantine - I was cleaning my room one day when I came across my beloved Tamagotchis; a pink tropical flowers V2 (my first one ever), a blue with butterflies V3, and a green with flowers V4. Unfortunately, my V2 buttons have become unresponsive so I have kept it in storage for now (I hope to be able to repair this one day as it seems fine otherwise). I booted up my V4 to find a little girl - a Gen3 Mizutamatchi and some family history - a Togetchi father (Gen2), and a Tosakatchi grandfather (Gen1). I took perfect care of the Mizutamatchi and ended up with a Young Memetchi -> Violetchi (she is adorable, one of my favourites!). After marrying a Tosakatchi, she had a baby boy, which grew into my Gen4 Mizutamatchi -> Gourmetchi -> ShimaShimatchi. At this point, I was curious as to how I could change the family my character grows into, as I have NEVER had a Kuchi family character before! I started to do some research and came across this thread which I have followed carefully since: As my V3 Pipotchi (also Gen4) was ready to marry I connected it with my ShimaShimatchi, resulting in another baby boy. Surprisingly, I obtained a Gen5 Mohitamatichi, just what I wanted! And so the mission to obtain Kuchi characters begins! I hope to obtain Kuchipatchi/Nonbiritchi by the end of the summer, as I have had Makiko and Tensaitchi in the past.
  8. Hi Maria&Co! As always, thank you so much for your detailed responses. I totally understand how you feel - I'm quite fatigued as well. Fingers crossed for some good results soon!
  9. Hope everyone has been well! Since my last update I married my Mimitchi to my V3 Androtchi, resulting in a baby girl who grew into a Mohitamatchi! Then, with perfect care, Mohitamatchi evolved into young Dorotchi, finally! I ended up with a Sebiretchi and was beyond excited for my first ever Kuchi adult! Unfortunately, I couldn't cross it with my V3 that gen and so it married a Gozarutchi through the matchmaker. The next gen, I got another baby girl, who grew into Mohitamatchi again. Unfortunately, despite the same level of care she turned into Ichigotchi... though I figured that this might be due to pausing it for a bit one morning when I was away. I grew her into a Memetchi and then Makiko. Since I haven't had these characters in over a decade, I didn't mind too much even though I was disappointed at first. This time, I was able to marry Makiko to my V3 Bunbunitchi. I got a baby boy -> Mohitamatchi, and again gave it the same level of care as I did to get young Dorotchi (no pauses, no missed training etc.), however, I ended up with Hinomatachi yet again... Definitely frustrated and finding it hard to troubleshoot where I went wrong. I still don't have the heart to give it bad care for a universal adult so we'll see where it goes from here! A little unrelated but on my V3, the twin brother also grew into a Mohitamatchi (usually get Mizutamatchi on my V3) and with the same level of "perfect" care I got young Mametchi, so I'm thinking what happened on my V4 must have been random... I can't cross it with my V3 this gen so I'll report back again soon. My goal this summer is to get Kuchipatchi/Nonbiritchi! Any advice on how to "perfect" giving my V4 perfect care? There must be something that I am doing wrong. I never let the hearts drop below 3, immediately feed them, give them toys often, and play games to keep them at the lowest weight (which we know has no effect). I only ever miss 1-2 training calls (which we know mainly affects evolution to universal adults). However, I rarely ever catch my tamas in time to send them to the toilet, leaving a mess (thought never more than 1 mess at a time) - which I doubt this is the deciding factor here. They also never get sick/toothaches as kids.
  10. So my Tosakatchi married a Maskutchi and I ended up with a girl Puchitchi! I'm going to try perfect care to get a Mame teen to change things up from the monotony of having Meme family characters. If not, my v3 is a boy so I can marry them and try again for Mohitamatchi/Kuchi family the following week! EDIT/UPDATE: The Puchitchi evolved into a Ringotchi with perfect care! At one point the hungry hearts dropped to 2 and I was worried I might've made a care slip but it turned out okay! Zero missed training calls so far. I think I might try for a Mimitchi since it's been a while since I had one
  11. I avoided opening mail based on previous advice in this thread so I'm not too sure either... I likely missed some of the toilet training calls but that should only affect the training (I had 5 training points as a kid, 6 after evolution). Either way I'll have to wait and see what happens, hopefully I can contribute something next gen! 😅
  12. Unfortunately my mohitamatchi evolved into a hinotamatchi 🙃 Super disappointed and not sure what went wrong... I didn't miss any training and never let the hearts drop below 3. Unfortunately I can't marry it to my v3 this gen so I'll have to wait it out and see what happens next. I could try to get a universal adult, but I'm not sure if that'll happen since the fashion skill points happen to be greater than 60. I could try awful care and high weight before evolution (high weights would cause me to get whaletchi every time on my v2!)
  13. I was so excited to find that this is exactly what happened today, I finally got a mohitamatchi! I usually get the good care meme teens so I'll definitely be extra careful. Interestingly enough, my v3 grew into a mizutamatchi instead, though I doubt this has anything to do with his dad being a meme adult 😂 Thank you so much for the advice, it was very helpful! Fingers crossed for a Kuchi teen! This has been a wonderfully interesting time to get back into this for sure.
  14. Hi everyone! I just started up my v4 about 2 weeks ago, and have the same question since I have NEVER had the kuchi family before! As a kid I've had all the mame and meme family tamas including the special characters. I own the v4, v3, and v2. For the v4, I downloaded my last gen 3 mizutamatchi which evolved into young memetchi -> violetchi and I married her to a tosakatchi. The family history includes tosakatchi (gen 1) and togetchi (gen 2) so this line has always been in the meme family. I ended up with a baby boy that grew into mizutamatchi -> gourmetchi ->shimashimatchi. I found this thread shortly after and decided to boot up my v3 and marry the gen 4 shimashimatchi to my v3 pipotchi to try and change the influence although I'm not too sure if it will. I will be starting up tomorrow with my gen 5 baby boy and will try to follow some of your findings so far with the care mistakes! I also wanted some clarification on what counts as a care mistake. Should I just let the hearts drop to 0 occasionally, ignore the calls, and resume care after? I'm a little nervous about having them die from this and so I'm also wondering if you let either hunger or happiness drop at separate times to avoid both being empty 😅. I understand that training doesn't necessarily count as a care mistake. Looking forward to hearing back from everyone on their findings! This was a great read and I hope we get get close to figuring this out!