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  1. Thanks again for pitching in iTamannadi, you've replied many times to my posts these past couple of days in almost every topic I created, and I really appreciate you jumping in to help Yes, I know about the MyMeets app, I even have it downloaded just in case I run into the reset bug so I could get the App's (the official Tamagotchi ON App's I mean) exclusive items you get from challenges like the Royal Boat, Fluffy Scarf, Robot Cook, Rocket, etc again (doing the Tama Party like 25 times to get the Sunset room wallpaper was quite time consuming). I have read that many people were having glitched or corrupted genes (Tamas with no eyes) from marrying through the MyMeets app though, so that's a route I'm not willing to take, plus I'd like to marry through the official app someday, and it would totally suck (and be truly unfair) transferring corrupted genes to other people I guess I'll try the initial plan I mentioned in my last post, marrying Majoritchi in the device with males, and marrying the male Majoritchi with Kuromametchi ears in the park (in the official app) with females, and see how that goes There's also a Majoritchi with the one with the Kuromametchi ears (they're twins), so if that one is female, maybe I could marry her when I can't marry Majoritchi in the device. I'll need to experiment and see how it goes Nah, if it's too easy then it wouldn't be fun I like to work for what I want Thanks once again for your informative replies as always
  2. Hmm, thank you both for your replies. I'll definitely have to take your suggestion @Knighttchi's Ballad and marry her as many times I can to try increasing the odds in the gene pool, and yes hopefully get a similar colour with the colour changing items (they sell a purple one in Magical Land). Another idea that springs to mind is, I see these "Majoritchi twins" in the park on the app which as far as I know are NPCs. The one with the Kuromametchi ears is definitely male cause I've encountered him in the Tama Party before and he's always on the male side. So I guess I could marry Majoritchi in the device when I have males, and make my females marry the male in the app. Maybe that will help and increase the odds. Since they're NPCs, can I propose to them normally in the park like you would to a Tama User, or I have to go through the Tama Party? On a side note, I just got twins yesterday for the first time and they're simply *ADORABLE* xD I just love having 2 of them onscreen at the same time xD They already have their father's hat although they're still only in child stage! This really is brilliant!! xD I'm definitely keeping them till the 30th so I get a better shot at obtaining the fork from the Eco Triplets. Sorry went off topic there, just really happy with my twins xD
  3. If I remember correctly I also met them at 10am on the 20th (so 2 days ago). Make sure to come back for a visit every 10 days because they can give you 3 different items! I got the Badge, I really wanted the Fork 😢 If you're lucky enough to have twins, I had heard that they give you an item for both your twins, so you get 2 items in one meeting with them!
  4. Hello again Tama community! I have the Magical Tamagotchi On, and Majoritchi is basically what made me lean towards the Magical instead of the Fairy. I really like her, she looks awesome! One thing that keeps doing my head in, is how do I get a pure Majoritchi? In growth charts I never see that she could be raised from Gen 1, and if I had to marry her in Magical Land, I'd end up with a mix 😕 I was thinking to keep re-marrying her constantly if I get lucky and get boys in a row to make her genes stronger, but I just read that if she's the mother of your current Tama then she won't be in Magical Land anymore for that generation, so that shoots down my plan 😕 Any ideas? Thanks in advance once again for any opinions or help
  5. Thank you once again iTamannadi. Noted, I will be careful of how many Snacks in a row I give my Tama then to avoid toothaches :)
  6. Hello iTamannadi, thanks once again for your reply, you've helped me out in previous topics also and I really appreciate your time and input. I really hope that's all with the Snacks, they seem too good to be true, especially without a weight meter in the Ons, so the negative effect seems very miniscule if just a toothache which can easily be healed with the First Aid Kit :/ Regarding the toothache, can you/someone please clarify how that happens? 15 Snacks in a day, 15 in a row? Thanks in advance once again to anyone that pitches in xD
  7. Hello, I've had my Tama On for 8 days now, and I'm soooo in love with it. I'm confused about the snacks though. I've been reading that in previous versions of Tamagotchi, Snacks could be linked to Tamas dieing, especially in the re-releases. I'm scared to feed her snacks in the On in case this is also the case for this version, but then at the same time I feel sorry for her not ever getting any snacks :'( (and some of them really do look nice and colourful!). The lack of a weight statistic in the On also makes me wonder if the Snacks could be more perilous, since it makes it seem like the Snacks are an easy way to increase Happiness, but with no side effect? Sounds too good to be true. (I mean, if Snacks do nothing bad, then someone lazy could just feed it Snacks instead of playing the games with it to fill up Happiness). So, my question is, are there any negative side effects to feeding your Tama Snacks apart from getting a toothache if feeding 15 of them? That's the only information I could find regarding Snacks for the On/Meets :/ As for the toothache happening, 15 Snacks in a day, 15 in a row? How does that work exactly? Thanks in advance once again for any help, I'm really enjoying this and want the best for my Tama :)
  8. Oooh that's awesome! I didn't get a pet yet since I was on my first gen and 'was planning' on marrying soon (but I love my Lovelitchi too much to let her go just yet) xD She's just too adorable. Thanks for the advice though, I'll keep that in mind. Since I've had the Tama On for a week, today is the first time I've had bright sun! Still not raining again yet, although it did rain again yesterday in the afternoon and kept going till my tama went to sleep. Yeah same here, I don't take her out to the yard too much when it's raining, she looks really unamused when I do, so I keep her in since she's not having fun I'll look into getting a pet on my next generation though as Naze77 stated I really should marry soon, still have lots of places left to unlock which I could only do from Gen 2 and 3 onwards. . .
  9. Hello @#mybroisthealolachamp, while I haven't had to take out the batteries yet, from research I have done, yes if you take out the batteries it is like you paused the Tama. It will not poop or get sick or hungry :) Do note that the Tama saves at periodic times, so taking out the batteries could set you a couple of hours back since the last time it saved.
  10. Hello Knighttchi's Ballad, thank you for pitching in with a reply also :) Just want to tell everyone that today finally after 3 straight days it stopped raining! :D The sky is still grey, but my tama is still happy when I take her outside to the yard now :D She keeps jumping and slamming into the floor which makes this kind of mole come out xD So cute. Knighttchi's Ballad: I've never had sunny weather, although I've only had my Tama On for 5 days now, but she seems way happier now with the grey skies rather than when it was raining. Ooooh that snowy weather would be cool to see, I've never seen my Lovelitchi angry haha. Thanks again to everyone that pitched in to answer :)
  11. Whew, thanks for you reply iTamannadi! That eased my mind a bit. Yes I did think that it has something to do with how the Japanese weather is, but 3 straight days was quite worrying, didn't even stop for an hour! Hopefully she will have some sunny days soon :D
  12. Hello, I just received my Tamagotchi On 4 days ago, and I'm loving it! (I have a Lovelitchi!!!) xD Such a fun little device xD Something is worrying me though, on the 2nd day, it started raining, and it hasn't stopped since. It's been raining for 3 straight days now Is this normal or did it glitch? 😕 She gets sad/seems unamused when I take her out to the yard and it's raining. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I really hope it didn't glitch
  13. Hello iTamannadi, thank you, I appreciate you pitching in with some answers Some of my questions are still unanswered though, and I would appreciate it if someone else that has experience with this could also pitch in and give their opinion please I'm really curious to see what affects growth and have more knowledge on the Tamagotchi On Thanks in advance as always to anyone who pitches in. Appreciate the time.
  14. Hello again, I have been doing a lot of research on the Tamagotchi On, and I just can't seem to find a clear answer on some things related to Care Mistakes: 1. From what I've read, when trying to get care mistakes due to leaving the tama hungry, it will sometimes get sick. Will getting sick also count as another care mistake? So 1 care miss for leaving the hungry meter empty, and another 1 for it getting sick (due to the neglect), so amounting to 2 care mistakes? 2. If the tama gets sick (be it through leaving it hungry, or just random sickness) and you leave it for over 15 mins, will that count as a care mistake too? (I would be scared leaving it sick for that amount of time though in case it dies 😕) 3. Do toothaches count as care mistakes? If so, do you need to leave it for 15 mins with the toothache? Or just cause the toothache appeared (through excessive snack feeding) it's a care miss? 4. Regarding poo. If poo is left on the screen for over 15 mins, will that count as a care miss? 5. If the tama gets sick due to poo left on the screen for a long time, is that also a care miss? Sorry for all the questions, I just really want to know what I'm doing, and have everything clear xD Thank you in advance for any replies!
  15. Thank you Eggiweg for pitching in also. I purchased the Eneloops from Amazon yesterday though, just waiting for everything to arrive now (including the Tamagotchi On itself!). I thought that the Maxday ones are a bit fishy stating that they are 2700 mah, when AAA usually go up to around 1000 mah, so I didn't want to risk it in case it does damage to my tama, so I went for the Eneloops just to be safe. Thank you for your reply though. That is a very interesting video about the Laddas and the Eneloops.