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  1. 9!! Yeah me too, Penguin-keeper has been reacting to your posts since the beginning of this streak! x_X
  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I don't believe it! I found a Japanese Tamagotchi Ocean for 82 USD and just jumped on it!!!! Sooooo happy to finally get my hands on one of these!!! xD

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    2. 321Boom


      Thanks! I'm super-psyched about this one! It looks like it's going to be soooo challenging from some of the logs I've read about it! It literally requires attention every 15 - 20 mins on average from what I've read (in some stages even more frequently than that!). Work is certainly going to pose an issue, but we'll see. . .

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Awesome news - congratulations! :D Will you be logging it, once you get it?

    4. 321Boom


      Thanks! xD I actually gave it some thought to be honest. I know it's not a commonly seen Tama, so I figured some Tama users here might find it interesting! :)

  3. Looks like it's gonna be another rough year counting against the Mods haha 2!!
  4. YAY!! Looks like you started off the New Year happy!! Really glad it all worked out well, and it didn't take that long till you got it in your hands either! Mega awesome that it came with the screen protector and case too (the box is also an added bonus for collector's purposes)!! Thankfully that's only a minor mishap, I tend to ease up once I know my package is safely in the country. Ouch, that snow thing does sound annoying though, surely an extra hassle! x_X (we don't get snow in my country) Happy New Year to you too, enjoy your new Tama
  5. Yep, as @iTamannadi said, just keep giving them Snacks or their Bear multiple times, and they'll be happy like your old Tama did (the Bear is better case they won't get a toothache from it).
  6. 5!!! Happy New Year everybody!!