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  1. Tamas usually evolve when a certain amount of in-game time has passed, not just due to the age number, also, sleeping time doesn't count towards evolution. So if for example you need 6 days for it to evolve to adult stage on the Friends, a rough estimate of around 144 hours minus the sleeping time need to pass for it to hit adult stage. As for it being stuck at age 1: Tamas usually age a number either when they wake up, or when midnight strikes, depends which Tama version you're using. I reckon just keep using it without pausing as much as possible. I don't think you have a glitch, just more time of it being awake and unpaused needs to pass. Best of luck
  2. Yep, time in the Tama world works very differently to ours Your Tama's weight is very high though. You really should exercise it more.
  3. Awesome, just got the anticipation of the weekend then, and you'll have your new Tama ON in your hands once again Real shame about the receipt, hopefully you'll come across it soon and they could send you another device. Haha yeah agreed, I too would be mega worried to open it up, so I can relate, though saying that, if I know I have a replacement unit on the way and I know for sure that my current one isn't working I would give it shot, might learn something too and understand the inner-workings of the Tamagotchi more Best of luck with your new device!
  4. Hmm, ok I reckon you've had it for less than a year though (since the ON got released in July 2019), so it really should still be covered by warranty I imagine? (unless you're gutsy enough to try Eggiweg's suggestion). I still would recommend getting a replacement if possible though (before opening it up yourself and voiding the warranty if it's still applicable), so this nasty annoyance doesn't pop up again in the future for you, and you could put your mind at ease knowing you have a new device, rather than worrying that this problem could pop up again