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  1. No worries about the post not showing up. Why did you cancel the order? It's good that it's compatible with 4.0 also. Well, as long as you found one for cheaper, it worked out well in the end. Just make sure the new one is Bluetooth Low Energy and 4.0 or more. From Tamatown's MyMeets download page: '**Requirements: Bluetooth Low Energy Support OR a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle that supports BLE and Windows 10 FULLY UPDATED'
  2. In theory it should be good because it states it is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), same as what the Tama ON uses. If someone else could confirm this it would be great though cause I've never used one myself (but really plan to with this new Magic Hut inclusion).
  3. Just to clarify things a bit more. There are 2 different apps: -The official Tamagotchi ON app for your phone, which you get from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). This is used for meeting other peoples' Tamas online and getting married to them. You have to use your phone's Bluetooth for this one. -The unofficial MyMeets for Windows 10. This is where you install that Magic Hut we were talking about and send it to your Tama ON with the MyMeets program. This is the one you need the Bluetooth dongle for.
  4. You can use bluetooth on your phone for the official Tamagotchi ON app. For the Magic Hut listed here (www.etsy.com/shop/BoltersLaboratory), you need to use it through MyMeets which is an unofficial app, which only works on Windows 10 as far as I know.
  5. Hello everyone! I received my Pac Man Tama yesterday and started it up! It evolved into Mimitchi like 2 hours ago! I just can't find specific info on how long they live for on this version. According to the wiki page (https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Pac-Man_Tamagotchi) (ignore Death from ghosts and bugs, and Running Away from sulking, I don't think I leave my Tama alone long enough to reach that criteria) it states: Departure: If the user takes good care of the Tamagotchi, never allowing it to sulk for too long and chases all of the ghosts away, the Tamagotchi will leave once enough care mistakes are made. It will appear standing next to Pac-Man, perform a final Close-Up, and walk away through the left side of the screen. Pac-Man will appear idling from one side of the screen to the other, and back again. These are my questions: So it'll live for as long as I don't let enough care mistakes accumulate? How much is 'enough' care mistakes? Does it get needier the more it ages like other Tama versions? Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for all the questions, I'm completely new to Nanos and this Pac Man one (it's so small and cute, I didn't think it would be soooo tiny!!)
  6. I certainly hope so, cause my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth built into it 😕
  7. Sounds like something out of a horror/thriller movie ... especially with the pause before silently ... 1!!
  8. Wow! Thanks so much for this! I could finally unlock the Sports Plaza, and have twins all the time! Just need to get a BLE dongle FAST!