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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forums Cute Tamas btw! To answer some of your questions: Yep, you definitely can marry on the app, and your Adult Tama will come back with a baby with it. You take care of the baby for an hour as usual and your Adult Tama will leave. You can visit your previous Tama, and also the one you got married to on the app by visiting the Parents (the 5th Icon iirc). Not as far as I recall. The only 'events' that happen in the app is that a monthly guest comes which you can marry at the Tama Party. Here's a list of characters that had shown up as monthly guests: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_On/M!xable_Characters#App_Exclusive_Characters The ON can connect to a Tamagotchi Meets device (the Japanese version of the ON). As for the ON connecting to the Japanese App though, I have no idea about that sorry.
  2. That's awesome! Hitting a new personal best is always cool. Well done, and keep raising those Tamas!
  3. Thanks for that link, I'll definitely make good use of it! It's especially helpful seeing a log of someone obtaining Ningyotchi (the mermaid), I really like her. Yeah, it's a tough little Tama I'll give it that, you'd really need to dedicate a week to it I imagine. Running it at the office is gonna be super tough if not close to impossible, that's really putting me off from starting it, taking care of it for a whole weekend only to have it die the next time I'm in at work x_X When I'm working from home it's manageable, but we shift on a roster, so I always have at least 2 days a week from the office 😒 Why would you even suggest that to your own beloved sibling?????
  4. Dang, didn't notice Penguin-keeper broke it on the next page x_X Off we go again. . . 1!!! Thankfully yeah, me and my family are very close Ohhhh yeah, you absolutely have no idea how leafy I can actually be hahaha
  5. It's a shame that it takes so long just to get to TMP 4 to be able to test this theory out Well the wiki page states to just keep maintaining perfect care, so hopefully there are no hidden criteria and I just messed up with that poop lol. That's quite neat for Zatchi, especially since it requires having a Tongaritchi that began with 0% Discipline, so it's something you actually need to plan out. Thanks for the tip about it being ok to plump them up a little lol. Dang right about the Umino! I just tested it a bit just till a Polar Bear attacked it (to make sure the sensor to scare it away was still working since it's a very old Tama), and it's a a very intense experience! Could barely put the thing down cause it's constantly draining hearts or calling for discipline. That's gonna be a MASSIVE problem to run at the office. . . Yeah, I imagined the Music Star will be a more high maintenance V4 kinda, especially with all those skill points required to win contests/trophies and whatnot. Looks like a really fun Tama though, and I love the V4, so a music themed V4 sounds like an awesome idea! Haha, glad you're all having a laugh at my poop misfortune lol. It really does when you look at it out of the original context haha! xD Vomit? x_X
  6. She broke it for sure this time Leo, gotta start all over again!!! ...BOOM!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯1!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
  7. Yep, I had both those characters. I definitely caught all the discipline calls in their Teen and Adult stages (I timed when I mated them on purpose with my work roster so I'll be working from home on those days, it's easy to catch them all when I'm not at the office), but might have missed a couple when they were in Child stage since I wasn't working from home. Discipline bar was still full in Child stage although I might have missed a couple. I always turned off the lights on time, but there was that one time where they slept with a mess next to them. Does that count as a care miss? Is doing that just once enough to lock you out from evolving into the Senior form? x_X That's quite harsh if so, a month and a half all ruined with just one poop!! x_X I only paused them for a total of 12 hours when they were on TMP 4. I keep track of how long they're paused so I know how much of a delay to expect for evolution as you're stating. Yes, I've noticed that too, they tend to get sick extremely close to the next evolution stage. My Adults (ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi) got sick at age 12, so I was expecting them to go into Senior form that day or latest the next, but they never did I definitely will try again sometime in the future, thanks for the tips Just received an Angelgotchi, Music Star, Umino, and Uratama that I want to play around with first though! Thanks once again, your insight is very much appreciated!
  8. Wow, that was an extremely short streak haha. 1!!!
  9. Dang, that really is a horrible attempt lol. πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯1!!! πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯
  10. Hello fellow Tama caretakers! Yesterday afternoon, after being on Gen 4 for 19 days on my Osutchi and Mesutchi, they didn't evolve into their Senior form (Ojitchi and Otokitchi), and they just died abruptly. They never even had one care mistake, and the discipline bar was full, so why didn't they evolve into the Senior form? The wiki page states that perfect care needs to be sustained till they are age 13, and I'm 100% positive that I never got a care mistake till this age (or ever while running this model), so why didn't they evolve? (Wiki page for reference: https://tamagotchi.fandom.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Osutchi_and_Mesutchi/Character_list#TMP4) Is perfect care defined as not letting the hearts drop below 3 for example? Rather than not getting any care mistakes? I'm quite disappointed, been over a month and a half running these 2, and I didn't get the results I was aiming for at the end
  11. Haha yeah, the paranoia is easily understandable and relatable, I was like that too till I got a few generations in till I could actually gauge how needy they are (or aren't in the ON's case) . Agreed about wishing the sound was louder too, it's very noticeable till I get used to it again when powering up the ON again directly after doing a generation on my V4 (which is very loud, it's easily my loudest Tama), but it's not a game-breaking factor like say if having low sound when running an Ocean or Osu/Mesu instead, where discipline is critical so you really need to rely on sound to not miss any beeps. Awesome! REALLY glad to hear I helped and put your mind at ease so you could fully enjoy your Tama again! It's such a wonderful and immersive experience that truly deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest! Have fun!
  12. The low sound shouldn't really be an issue for the ON, no point in going through all the hassle of getting it replaced, to maybe still end up with the same problem and also having to restart your progress. The ON is quite a forgiving and low maintenance Tama, and rarely makes any beeps except when: it's attention icon lights up from an empty meter (which takes hours for one to fully empty except in the needy baby stage), it poops, gets sick during the baby stage or from neglect, and when it dreams. To my knowledge, it doesn't randomly get sick (I raised the same Tama for 23 days, and it only got the usual sickness during the baby stage in the whole 23 days, unlike black and white models), it doesn't call for discipline (so that's another reason for not needing to be on the constant lookout for it's beeping), it has a very long happiness bar which takes a VERY long time to completely empty once you fill it up initially, and 6 hunger balls instead of the common 4 hunger hearts, so as long as you give it a look like once every 3 hours it should be fine don't worry I take mine to work with me, and on a busy day only get to check on it maximum 3 times in a whole work day, and never even once did a bar completely empty since I've been running it It really does feel more like a companion, rather than a needy pet you're constantly taking care of (like some of the black and white models I run). Yeah same here, no chance of hearing mine if it's in my bag also, but no need to go to the extreme of keeping it in your hand either, as I stated in the paragraph above, it's quite a low maintenance Tama and it'll be fine for a couple of hours on it's own Ahh yeah, DEFINITELY agreed about still enjoying the experience! I *ABSOLUTELY LOVE* the ON and that it's the first colour Tama in English! The addition of colour and a higher resolution screen adds so much more definition and vibrancy to the characters and the Tama World in my opinion. Hope this eased your mind a bit and you enjoy your new Tama (sorry for the length and the rant btw)
  13. I have an On Magic version, and its noticeably far more quiet than my black and white Tamas. Yep, menu navigation is quite quiet too if I'm not in a room in silence. Same here, I won't hear it beep if I'm in a room with noise (like with a TV on, or someone talking quite loudly), but if I'm taking a nap with the Tama next to me, the small poop beep does wake me up then.