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  1. hoi :puroperatchi: So, I have had a tamagotchi connection v4 for a while, and i'm mostly here to learn how to take  care of it better? idk maybe i will make a blog of my v4Niv Shrug Idk GIF by Product Hunthmmm

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    2. Hapihapitchi

      Hapihapitchi This is a v4 manual that explains lots about it, in the bottom left corner there is a quick explanation on the job games!

      And that's fine! There are lots of logs out there without pictures, it's not a must ^_^

    3. Acrozotchi


      Ok! I will probably start after my tama leaves her baby with me! Her name is Baby, and she is currently a Putchitchi! I was going to start logging today but then completely forgot -_-

    4. Acrozotchi


      I just noticed how odd that sounds, so to clarify: the Putchitchi’s name is Baby, but she does not have a child yet.