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  1. That’s it! The ice blue! Awesome - thank you so much! I had a white one with blue originally, this one is my husband’s (or maybe his sister’s? 😂)
  2. Hi Tama folks! A little back story here before my questions; I had an original tamagotchi back when they first hit the US when I was in school. I took it everywhere until who knows what happened to it. So, when we were cleaning out our closets and getting organized in preparation for our first born (due in July!), and my husband pulled a tamagotchi out of one of our storage tubs, I knew immediately I had to have it powered up!! About the tamagotchi - The case is a clear/green with silver buttons and the back reads Bandai 1996. I’m curious if this is an original, gen 1 tamagotchi? I’m into my second round with it since I put a new battery in and it just evolved into a smug little guy, with kind of a derpy face, spots, and floppy-looking dog ears... I know I was not as attentive this time around but I’m curious just how bad my care was to get this result (I got the “average”) result last time. Thanks in advance for your help!!