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  1. I really want to purchase a Devilgotchi. I’ve looked on Ebay, and they’re way too expensive. I know of the website JapanYouWant, which has a Devilgotchi for $299. My question is, has anyone ordered a Tamagotchi from JapanYouWant? Did you receive your item?
  2. I purchased a previously loved Angelgotchi. It was tested before i purchased it and everything worked just fine. I purchased new batteries for it and I’ve played with it since I received it a few days ago. Today, I was playing the game, when all of a sudden the whole thing reset on me. Now I have to start from the beginning. Is it because it’s an old tamagotchi? Is something wrong with the device? How can I prevent this from happening again? Should I buy a brand new one? Has this happened to anyone?