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  1. updatess i named bunbuntchi and flowertchi's girl Tuliptchi, by the way. she is currently a teenager~ we have unlocked magic land and starry lab! i am planning to marry.. maybe kuchipatchi or korobattchi, maybe. That's all for now, see y'all in the next update! >w<
  2. Aiight, we got a baby girl! She is currently.. an orange Chiroritchi with yellow Mametchi ears?
  3. Bunbuntchi is going to marry Violetchi/Flowertchi!
  4. idk if you guys can see the pics but let's try https://imgur.com/a/fhmnymN
  5. ~for upcoming tama on users~ Here is the official Tama Blog! These are the How-to Videos and the PDF of the user guide! That's all for now, see y'all next time >w<
  6. i don't really remember. but after i got my on, i had a nightmare that i would wake up to see my tama had died
  7. Phew, thanks for explaining XD Welp, nothing really big happened yesterday, but there are still some little big things- if you know what I mean. after many tries, we finally met the eco triplets! they gave us an eco fork. i actually bought an emergency ring just in case nobody would propose. XD now for today's updates~ bunbuntchi is now a teenager! he's quite floofy, with sparkly eyes and.. blue mametchi ears? we met uwasatchi! she gave us a beauty coupon. which i find kinda useless because you're only allowed to wear accessories when its an adult. we are already prepared to unlock magic land and toy land! now to wait for the 3rd gen to come~ that's all for now, see y'all next time! >w<
  8. so Lovelitchi married Mametchi and they had a baby boy; who I named Bunbuntchi. 60 minutes later, it grew up to become a light yellow Hoshipontchi with Mametchi ears That's all for now! >w<
  9. I'm sorry guys, but I have chosen Mametchi. He's already proposed to me like 3 times, poor guy. XD
  10. Okay! I just need to, er, visit him more often then.
  11. Welp, seems like eating five donuts didn't work after all. Hanbunkotchi evolved into Lovelitchi! We've went around town to see if anyone will send us proposals! Mametchi and Kappappatchi has sent us proposals! I didn't turn them down; I simply said I'll think about it, so you guys better vote quick! Vote here: