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  1. i've quit running my tama for a while lol but i think ill start again

    how far do yall think ill go? :)

  2. YALL



    I LEFT MY TAMA UNATTENDED (bc i was at school :P)



    welp, it was already kinda neglected, but i cured its sickness in the morning before i went to school 😕

    oh well, back to square one :') 

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Why didn't you just leave it at its parents' house for free babysitting? :huh:

    2. Tacoburritotchi


      well, sometimes i would be in a rush or just forget 'bout doing that at all :')

  3. so i recharged the batteries, and darlietchi is a healthy ol teenager that totally stuck to its name.

  4. so i got batteries for my on, so im doing a log via status updates 😅
    so my tama is a teenager at 14 gen uwu
    when he was a baby he was so white like a blob of toothpaste
    so i named him colgatetchi
    now he totally doesnt look like toothpaste anymore, oops
    planning to marry him to, uh, somebody from tama farm who idk yet-
    thats all for now lol 
    bye and cya tomorrow when he evolves ;) 

  5. does anybody play roblox here? just wanted to know ;d
  6. hey guys! haven't been active for a long time lol so how's it going? :D

    wish i was able to continue my magic white on log but i ran out of batteries lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tamagirl_14


      Ive been struggling with anxiety recently 


    3. Tamagirl_14


      Why cant we know your gender?

    4. Tacoburritotchi


      i'd rather keep it private, sorry 

  7. The Pix sure is pretty~ Welp, I would be very perplexed/happy if I saw it in a local Toys R Us. (Off topic?) Like I said last time, Tamas actually seemed to be trending here because yesterday i was looking at tamas on one of the Malaysian e-commerce sites and I saw the (possibly) first Connection ever listed It was a v5 Famitama listed for RM119, rather tempting.. Is that a good price?
  8. Lol I resetted my Tama because I got bored XD My sister is gonna check if she has the rechargeable batteries I'm soo excited about the Tamagotchi Pix!
  9. big update lol First of all, I managed to get to 13 gen (or was it 15?) then I got bored and resetted it :') Then I made a lot of moola (XD) during the New Year, I made about 30,000 with the Gotchi points I already had. Then yesterday I resetted it yet again, losing the moola. Then the time came to take out the batteries. But we have a problem. I have no more batteries. What to do? I wanna get some rechargeables but they cost around 100 bucks here TvT
  10. Happy (late) New Year :D

    Man, I haven't been here in a long time~

    Hope everyone's okay during these trying times :)

    1. Tamagirl_14


      Well, happy new year to you too!😀

    2. Tamagirl_14


      I also have a white tamagotchi on.