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  1. Oh 😅 Okay, thanks! And a question: When you hatch your first egg on an On/Meets, is it possible to get twins? Thanks!
  2. Ahh! Precious! But how can you tell the difference between the two?
  3. Argh! The Sweets Meets is just SO CUTE!! Not like I even have a Tama yet.. just saying.
  4. Erm, sorry, but shouldn't this thread be closed by now since nobody's writing in it?
  5. Here's another! Boy travels around the world in order to be a master of catching creatures in little balls.
  6. A human girl which becomes a witch but is terrible at it Cardcaptor Sakura!
  7. Am I bumping this cause nobody has written in this since last month?
  8. Just a little extra thing to add to the last topic ( Credit goes to @321Boom for giving me this info! ) with the Eco-Usatchi triplets, you can also get an Eco Bag! Bye~
  9. Me too~ :3 And the diamond ears thing seems to be something that'll stick around for a while!