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    Tamagotchi Friends (Blue, EU)
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    24-in-1 pen (Digital Pet Pen)
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    QPet Quolor + TMGC Friends + TMGC On (can't decide)
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    (takes me a long time to update this)

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  2. there's only like 200 of us where i live, why would i not want to be named bart @leogames2012
  3. number stations are victorious! join #pri- maybe not i want my account
  4. NEW QPETS! This time, they're Tamagezi fakes. They're listed here: (I do not get any compensation from usage of this link) Name: QPet Quolor (colour) 3, Tamagezi shell Type: Fake OR Generic, depending on how you look at it Notes: QPet 2.5(?) except with a Tamagezi shell. Functions could be same as the 2.5
  5. life hack: if you don't know how the relationship system works, just buy them a very expensive ring. this works for tamagotchis and real life. i think.
  6. 36 px font, ok I'll stop S.M.B. 3, also known as 3, thanks to Chinese bootleggers.
  7. My ON just evolved into Mametchi, got married to Lovelitchi, and I now have twins :) 

  8. I get out of school. DPD truck is going down the street. Huh that must be for me, DPD never comes here. Then, when I get to the crossing, the truck is coming from the direction of our house. And yep, there it is, my new ON!


  9. 3PggQYV.png

    i liek my tomagochie pet (on amazon listing for the ON)

    image attached, go to my profile to see it

    also my ON comes tomorrow ayyayaya

    1. iTamannadi


      Hopefully you will get it soon so you can enjoy it! :D

  10. where and why did you get that avatar

    1. missusmelty


      I commissioned someone on instagram for it! 😆 I gave them his name and just said big teeth and let them work with just that so they made this!!

    2. 321Boom


      That is one weird Tama x_X

    3. NotBart


      i need bleach and a clean toothbrush, eye scrubbage is necessary