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  2. there's only like 200 of us where i live, why would i not want to be named bart @leogames2012
  3. number stations are victorious! join #pri- maybe not i want my account
  4. NEW QPETS! This time, they're Tamagezi fakes. They're listed here: (I do not get any compensation from usage of this link) Name: QPet Quolor (colour) 3, Tamagezi shell Type: Fake OR Generic, depending on how you look at it Notes: QPet 2.5(?) except with a Tamagezi shell. Functions could be same as the 2.5
  5. life hack: if you don't know how the relationship system works, just buy them a very expensive ring. this works for tamagotchis and real life. i think.
  6. 36 px font, ok I'll stop S.M.B. 3, also known as 3, thanks to Chinese bootleggers.
  7. My ON just evolved into Mametchi, got married to Lovelitchi, and I now have twins :) 

  8. I get out of school. DPD truck is going down the street. Huh that must be for me, DPD never comes here. Then, when I get to the crossing, the truck is coming from the direction of our house. And yep, there it is, my new ON!