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  1. Haven't posted here in a while 6
  2. RIP Tamagotchi Friends :( 

    Lived 14 generations.
    (so I'm taking a break from it)

    EDIT: And my QPet died while I was in Prauge 😕

    EDIT 2: QPet Quolors seem to have gone off-sale! Time to sell them for 200 USD :D 

    1. Eggiweg


      aww, rip friends

      also haha stonks

  3. Quick update: QPets freak out when their age is over 9 (text goes into the other text). I will post an image later

  4. It’s package day!!! 2 tamas. Pen and Touma. I only unboxed the pen so far. I’ll upload a testing video

  5. 65?!?!? yeah I smell his penguins
  6. "Awaiting to be accepted by customs"
    just accept it already

  7. I have been doing a bit of research on M&D and found that their company name is actually Guangzhou Menglong Technology Co., Ltd. They also have a website that only redirects to advertising now. I will check on the wayback machine. EDIT: The website seems to be unrelated, just advertising a sports gambling website (such as Fortuna in CZ)

  8. The QPet Quolor has a new version with less bootleggery, but it still has Tamagotchi characters (like the kutchipatchi on my pfp) It's a good color tamagotchi that's kinda cheap. It cost me about 450 CZK, while the newer color tamas cost like 1000 CZK (I don't really use eBay and local sites have none). I love this thing There is also an improved movie function with titanic and some others
  9. 168-in-1 Bunny ROM Eh, I guess it's tolerable? I actually kinda like it Not much else to say. I like how the envelope spawns 88 coins or poop If you don't want to feed it, just go to the book icon select the key and enter 3 numbers that add up to 12. Like 9 3 0 or 4 4 4. My rating is 3/5. One star taken away due to boringness and another one because of the high pitched sounds that can sometimes be heard. It was sold on an eshop as a Tamagotchi. (The eshop is also dedicated to selling them ) Qpet Quolor UPDATE It still has tamagotchi characters. I just met one at the park, and Kutchipatchi is a toddler/child character. (He's on my avatar)