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  1. Yes, I figured it could be that from posts of people having the same problem. For now I've simply tried to close it tighter to see if it can be enough, and if a jolt-reset happens again I'll try fixing the contacts.
  2. I did input new data now. Which was not a very smart idea, but well, it's done, and I'm a little afraid to cause the Tamagotchi to stop working altogether by trying too much, as I've been going between reset and download more than we're supposed to... Anyway, you're very right that I am fortunate to have it with me in good condition to begin with. I admit I hadn't put much thought into the fact that some fans would already consider me lucky for that. My Tamagotchi lost its memories, it's sad, but I didn't, so I gess it could be much much worse. ;o) Thanks a lot for your support! =3
  3. Thank you so much for your response! So, now I do have the download option, but it's a new baby I get... I think I know the answer, but I'll continue on the denial slope since you never know: Does that mean that the new save has definitely erased the old? Or maybe if I press the reset button on the back while saying please with my fingers crossed enough times I can get the old one back?
  4. Hello! I've recently started playing again with my old V1 Tamagotchi (Bandai, Wiz 2004). When I put a new battery, I was able to choose between "download" and "reset", picked "download", and my new Tama continued the family line. A small recurring problem though: sometimes when the Tamagotchi took a little shock, it would reset, and I had to pick again between "download" and "reset" (thus loosing some progress, but still finding my Tama back). But earlier today, when I got it out of my bag, I found the screen with a new egg, and when I pressed a button to start it again, it asked me the date and time, no "download" VS "reset" choice... I don't know why... Maybe because it took two bumps and it caused a reset over a reset? Anyway, what I'd like to know is if there is a way to retrieve the lost data: the Tama I was taking care of before the incident (her name is Hop and she is loved) and my list of friends. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but at least the list was pretty precious to me as it registered all the Tamas of my friends from like 15 years ago... Quite the memories... (I do feel really bad about bringing it with me and not having taken pictures of the long list before, right now...) Please, if anyone knows of a way to download again when the "download" option was not presented to you/you missed it, it would be awesome! Wishing you a good day!