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  1. Soooo hi! I'm back. Things with my family have calmed down enough that I feel I can resume my log. However, my health is still pretty up in the air so I may not post as often or write as much as I was before. I had a pretty crazy month and I've been stress-buying tamagotchis haha so I currently have the magic on I had at the start of this log plus: fairy on, sanrio meets, the wondergarden, and a pastel meets and sweets meets are supposed to get here Friday. Super excited about that! Definitely not going to have trouble running 6 tamas at once! Anyway, I'm expecting both the fairy and magic to evolve in a few hours so I'm gonna wait to post pics until then.
  2. Last week, some crazy stuff started happening with my mom and grandma, who live across the country from me. The stress of trying to help them and figure out what is going on in addition to some health issues I’m dealing with has unfortunately made it impossible for me to continue this log. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who read it. I had a great time keeping it and reading all of your logs, too. I hope to continue logging my tamagotchi adventures when all of this madness is sorted. See ya!
  3. Generation 6 Mooptchi had a boy. I was tired and didn't feel like thinking about names so I went dumb and named him Fartchi. I messed around with color changes while he was still a teen. I liked the purple best. I love Fartchi's final form. He's so cute and I love how sassy he looks. That attitude~ I was going to keep him around for a while but I found a perfect lady for him. I had Fartchi propose thinking she would say no, but she said yes. It was bittersweet because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Fartchi. Even his stupid name grew on me.
  4. Noooooooo this is making me want a Sweets Meets and my Sanrio Meets isn't even here yet and I need to stop spending money on Tamagotchis and ahhhhhhh I love Miyatchi!
  5. Bingtchi and Mooptchi became teens, then adults. They switched colors when they became adults. Now Bingtchi is red and Mooptchi is white. I love that they inherited the bow-ties from their ice cream cone mom. They're so cute. Today, the twins discovered their love of ninja stars and got some mail from a friend. We hung out in the app for a while and they got three proposals. I'm glad they each got at least one so neither felt left out. The twins also found a cousin (grandchild of Marintchi) and their sister. At least, I think so. Obviously it's possible the tamas in their family trees just looked the same as my those in my tama's family tree, but I like to think they were relatives because that's fun! I decided to try proposing to a NPC in Magic Land. Oof. Poor Bingtchi. Back to the app, where we got one last proposal from this cutie and decided to go ahead and keep the egg.
  6. This is my first order but I had heard such good things about them so I wasn't worried. I did expect at least a small delay because of COVID but it's going to be here soooo quickly! I'm very pleased.
  7. Generation 5 Hanatchi and the cat-eared ice cream had twin boys. It's my first set of twins and I love them ahhhh! I named them Bingtchi and Mooptchi. They're already teens, they grow up so fast. Bingtchi changed from white to pink, Mooptchi has stayed gray. I feel bad for Mooptchi, he doesn't get to have his name on the photos. It looks like they're finally going to lose the Lovelitchi ears, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Gotta see them as adults to believe it. My boyfriend's Fairy Tamagotchi On arrived yesterday and I babysat his tama boy today. While they were all still children, I had them meet up a few times. The twins gave him a present, they went to Magic Land together, and then they were all given a BFF item. That's it for today, I had a lot going on tonight and couldn't mess around in the app like I planned. Oooh, almost forgot to mention my Sanrio Meets is on its way! It was only just shipped from Japan and is apparently already in Ohio whaatttt I'm so stoked. It's supposed to be here by Monday, the 13th. I can't wait
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. It's just a little decoration to celebrate Tanabata, a Japanese festival. Here's some info from Wikipedia: The Tanabata tree like the one in your tama's house is often depicted as either bamboo grass or a couple tall pieces of bamboo. It's a wish tree, so the decorations on the tree are small slips of paper on which people have written wishes for the future.
  10. The little tree is for Tanabata, a Japanese festival. It celebrates the one day (July 7th) two deities known to be starcrossed lovers are allowed to meet and be together. I'm looking forward to your sweets meets log!
  11. Yay! How did you like the music? It got stuck in my head and I kept laughing at it all day yesterday.
  12. I spent a lot of time with Hanatchi today. She woke me up this morning with her very loud evolution from teen to adult. Not long after that, a Doyakentchi tried to marry her pet Makimotchi. This time, I rejected him! Only Hanatchi is allowed to have a creep-face this time around. The Makimotchi married a Shurikentchi instead. I am pleased with the result, it's a fitting pet for Hanatchi. I messed around with the various games currently available to me and I think the sushi game is my favorite. I love the animations when you choose the plate. The face Hanatchi makes when I choose the incorrect plate cracks me up. She looks so annoyed haha I love it. Later, Hanatchi learned that some super weird stuff goes on in tama-space. Once more, it was time to try to get rid of the Lovelitchi ears. Off to the app, where Hanatchi was rejected 6 times... before finding her true love.
  13. Hanatchi's teen form is super cute. I love her wings. Not a whole lot to report today. Hanatchi did check out the festival in Magic Land though. She had a great time on the roller coaster. The music that plays during the coaster ride is amazing. While I was watching it happen, I totally expected her to make the face she made once the coaster dropped, but the music was quite the surprise. I made her ride the coaster twice more just so I could hear it.