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  1. hiiii I don't know how much this will particularly interest anyone, but I thought this was a good place to talk about it — I've been brainstorming an idea for what an anime including the ura tamagotchis (and ura tama town) would be like. I LOVE the ura tamagotchis, there's just something so so special about them to me, and combining my two favorite things about tamagotchi (connection era, the anime) was bound to happen in my little brain eventually maybe in different circumstances I would turn this concept into a fanime project, but the idea of being the leader of something like that is overwhelming to me as it stands LOL.. the BIGGEST thing that excites me about this concept is the idea that tamas who don't have ura versions could be GIVEN an ura version, basically reviving the ura concept for modern tamagotchi characters who weren't around for it!!!!! I guess yeah, the main reason I'm posting this is because I may start drawing and posting concepts for ura versions of various tamagotchis who don't have one. I have an ura kuromametchi design floating around in my brain, I may show off that one first if anyone's interested in seeing what I've thought of!
  2. personally, i like to collect tamas because i like the way they look, but i dont often run them 😅 i think its just nice to have a collection of cute looking little... thingies, yknow? theyre pleasant! i was wondering if anyone else feels this way... im interested in the history of tamagotchi, the world of tamagotchi, the characters of tamagotchi, and the pretty shells.. and the one thing that doesnt retain my interest is having one running! i wanna know if anyone shares these sentiments or if im just odd lol
  3. i havent been active here in so long, but i just had a HUGE surge of Tamagotchi Love run through my body recently and bought hundreds of dollars of tama stuff using a proxy service :D it hasnt come yet, but im SO EXCITED to get it!!!!!! i even put up new shelves for all my new tama stuff! yes i am taking good advantage of the fact that i have expendable money right now LOL

  4. wish i knew what to say to be more active here 💔

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      Don't worry about that - just keep making good-quality posts when you do post. :)

  5. made two little fellas based on a couple tama shells i really like! theres a kitty and a.... bunny, i guess? kangaroo? im not sure what that one is meant to be exactly LOL its just a fun little friend
  6. ive been browsing tamashell.com today to amass a wish list of sorts, and its getting a LOT longer than i thought it would... 😅 an excerpt from my private twitter for example this is probably still my ULTIMATE want, though:
  7. honestly, i didnt look TOO hard, but i didnt find the games credits sequence on the internet, and i dont even remember if it HAS one... considering just taking the time to beat the game myself just so i can see LOL
  8. so, ive found the font used in tamatown, and i was under the impression that it was the SAME font used in the corner shop games, but upon closer inspection, its apparently not....... this isnt really an imperative question, but does anyone know if the font used in the tamagotchi corner shop games is publicly available anywhere?
  9. this is some art i made of me and my friends as tamagotchis! im really happy with how it turned out so i thought id share it!