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  1. I finally got a Digimon! :D My little brother and I have been battling them a lot, lol. I'm really enjoying the different mechanics, but the button location is a little confusing since I've only ever played on Tamagotchis.

  2. I really love the way my Tama evolved! It inspired me to draw a piece with them and their dog(?), Frost.
  3. After some light digging, I couldn't find the font either. Maybe looking for fonts similar to providence bold on font sites would give better results. I'm not sure if it's possible, but if someone has the know-how they could possibly hack/dig through a corner shop rom and get the font from the game files? I've gathered a few fonts myself from just looking through game files, lol.
  4. Exactly! I feel like pretending that death isn't real almost makes actual death appear more scary, when it's just a natural thing that happens. As silly as it sounds, reading Warrior Cats (a series that involves a lot of death) helped me understand and cope with the death of my pet as a child. I imagine I would've been more traumatized had it not been for those books, lol.
  5. I'm assuming that he's gotta catch 'em all? (Pokemon) Yup! It's Yu-Gi-Oh!
  6. I feel like this one might be easy to guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ultimate Uno, pyramids edition.
  7. I've always loved digital pet games/websites, and like to see how different games implement their care-taking mechanics. One thing that I've noticed is that many games either don't involve death or substitute death with something else (e.g. Tamagotchis returning to their home planet). Many websites I've played on replace death with "retirement," where after your pet hits a certain age, it gets sent to a gallery where you can view their stats and makes it so you can't interact with them anymore. Many games also make it so that player negligence doesn't have many drawbacks besides having your pets' happiness/hunger meters empty. In my opinion, I prefer when digipets involve some form of consequence for neglecting to care for your pets as I feel like it's more immersive that way and makes it easier to bond with your pet. On the other hand, this could cause players to feel like they're forced to interact with their pets, which could lead to them feeling burned out and ultimately abandoning their pets due to the responsibility of continual gameplay. Pause features could fix both issues, as you can take breaks or play with your pet as you like, but most games don't have this option. I'd like to hear what opinions some other people have on this topic, since I know that many people who raise/take care of digipets often form an attachment to their digital buddies. Also, my apologies if I placed this topic in the wrong forum. I'm new here, lol.