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  1. Skinny neenetchi got married! She had been going to the date place on a frequent basis and met three guys. A ninja, a blonde hair guy and a charming monkey guy. She went on multiple adorable dates but the cutest were with monkey guy! Today he proposed and she accepted and they got married. I now have the third generation ehh about to hatch. OMG it just hatched and it’s... a boy! I’m super excited because I’m gonna make them lovesolatchi because I recently unlocked them. Oh and my plant on the farm has been watered every day and looks like it’s going to bloom tomorrow! I hope it doesn’t completely restart after I harvest it because it took about 4 days. It seems that this website is quite dead apart from the new tamagotchi meets and a few connections. A lot of people seem the think the 4U/+ is quite limited. Maybe it is compared to other models but I thoroughly enjoy it! I’m not too bothered about the limited characters and I love the date place and how they can propose after a few dates. The farm is hopefully quite useful as I heard it grows vegetables you can eat? For my 12th birthday I am definitely asking for a Tama p’s though because of all the amazing features, characters, pierces etc. Oh and by the way, before I marry any of my tamas I always make sure I have all of the clover pieces. I wonder if anything happens once I get the clover pieces for every character?
  2. It worked! I Unlocked both of the 4U+ exclusive characters, some Tama fashion 50% coupons, some posters, an Eiffel Tower, a Statue of Liberty, upgraded my garden, unlocked the farm and unlocked the dating place.
  3. Okay I figured out that the green card thing is actually just a poster thing you can play with and that the 50X bows is actually just a 50% discount at Tama fashion.
  4. I recently discovered that by using animal crossing on my new 2Ds XL I can connect to my 4U+. After a few connections I got some presents with a green card that has the bald character with the moustache on it? Idk what it does and I also got a card that says 50X and then a bow. Anybody know what these items do?
  5. My 4U+ arrived and I’ve had it for about a week or two. It isn’t that limited. You can aim to collect all the clover pieces, get the character and personality transformation of your fave Tama or train it to go to the toilet, have a bath and clean up its toys on its own. It’s pretty fun and pretty cheap. It is more basic than the P’s but it’s still a lot of fun!
  6. Sorry I kinda forgot to update 😐. My first Tama was a girl and I made it melodytchi and transformed it to its post adult stage, melody muse. I got all of its clover pieces and it married and had a daughter. I made the daughter neenetchi and transformed it to its skinny version because it is very cute and is the reason I made it neenetchi. Today the eco triplets came and I got the fork which is very useful because the restaurant is expensive. I got three of her fave things and noticed the box of my 2DS XL said it had NFC! I didn’t have an android device so this was a relief as I really want to unlock things. At first the NFC wasn’t activated so I got animal crossing new leaf and turned on NFC camera. I clicked the button to scan an amiibo card even though I have none and placed the Tama on the screen. It made a random connection! I won’t be able to download anything from it as it can’t hold files but it might be a way to unlock things? I will experiment tonight and let you guys know. Who knew a 3DS could be a possible alternative?
  7. I might be a few months late but I have a 4U+ on the way and I have read a few guides. It has really cool features such as earnable basic skills that you train your tamagotchi to do through scolding and praising. The basic skills are teaching it to poop on its own, bathe on its own and tidy it’s toys on its own. There is also the school feature. The park actually has a function. You can do a work out game to lose weight and be friends with other tamas. It has many features that a p’s has for a smaller price.
  8. I currently have a tama friends, 20th anniversary mini tamagotchi? And this thing called a virtual pet. Only my friends is running. I have been looking at getting a colour tama for a while and I finally won an auction for a pink 4U+ with a custom faceplate. I am not sure if it comes with it’s original faceplate but we will find out when it gets delivered. this week I had already lost two auctions. The first for a P’s and the second for a virtually new 4U+ in blue. So it was a relief when I won this tama. I decided to get a 4u or a 4u+ as the p’s were expensive so I am getting one for my birthday. The reason why I chose the 4U as my backup is because of the skills, school and babysitter. I feel like it has good features that the p’s doesn’t have. Anyway I won it by a small £1.01 gap. I used watch counter and it only had 9 watchers. Some silly bidders had early bid and had rammed the price up to £37 but a few minutes before the end it for its way up to £46 which was bad considering my budget was £46.20. I had to bid £47 due to the increments so I asked my parents (I’m 11) for 81p and bid £47.01 7 seconds before the end. For anybody unfamiliar with eBay. This method is called sniping. Luckily nobody else from the 9 watchers were sniping and I won! I will update you when it gets delivered in a few days.