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  1. My tamagotchi has actually left, without being reset, and it has lasted WAYY longer than the times when it reset, so Im gonna say that tightening the back panel was a success!! Wuh oh, this seems like an entirely different problem than what im experiencing.. I have not had a low battery screen that made it impossible to chase away the ghosts.. but it cant hurt to try to tighten up the back panel of your tamagotchi like i did if it seems like the battery didnt last more a month? im still going on the same factory battery for my current tamagotchi nano and havent gotten a problem like that
  2. Thank you ^^!! So far going good, but I just wanna see if it can live its full life before saying anything more haha
  3. So just an update on this, after it reset yet another time, I decided to open it up to check the batteries to see if anythings loose. The batteries seems dependent on how tightened the back panel is since it can't stay in place without it, and when it does get loose, it resets. So i tightened up the back panel and i'm gonna hope for the best for this tamagotchi.
  4. Oh ok! Yeah, that sounds like that might be the case.. I'll talk to them about it, thank you ^^!!
  5. Hrm, i see, yikes. Thanks for your answer though! I'll definitely be looking into this a little more ^^
  6. So I recently got the pacman tamagotchi, didnt realize it was a tamagotchi nano since its been a while since ive ever touched another tamagotchi ever since i was a kid, but i dont mind. The only thing thats got me confused is the "death" of my tamagotchi much? the pacman tamagotchi death only explains, death, departure, and running away. When i checked my tamagotchi, it seemed as if it was completely normal, however i wasnt looking much at the screen tbh and just pressed the A button. But after i pressed the A button, it made me reset to the time screen to put in the time again to hatch a new egg? I dont know what happened? Doesn't it reset when you press A and the C button? Is there more "deaths" to a tamagotchi that i didnt know of? I did leave it for a few hours, so im guessing my neglect killed it, but what im confused is that it doesnt match up to the deaths mentioned in the wiki.. cause it didnt have a gravestone as far as i saw, didnt have gusts of wind, and the one idling on the screen was my tamagotchi instead of pacman? what happened? This has happened twice in a row, but the first time i only saw the time screen, so i mustve clicked a button somehow while i was walking around. I cant find anything on this since it seems the pacman tamagotchi is fairly new.. If anything happens to my third tamagotchi and i find more new information, ill update this. i just want to know what happened to my tamagotchi..