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    This shop that i found is suggested by a youtuber .

    Go check it out^

    It mainly sells tamagotchi covers which are beautiful🤩

  2. Just realized there is a Bandai Asia company around me :D

    I checked it here

  3. Oh know i understand.I thought all virtual pets are called tamagotchi and i am new so i do not know much about it. Sorry i am very bad in English and have limited knowledge .Anyways,I am quite young and there is a lot for me to learn😜
  4. Okay!Thanks!Will check them out! @Penguin-keeper what about you?What are some of your recommended tamas?Just asking as i saw that you have react to the post above^ Oh okay thanks for telling me this Since i have already posted,i know how to edit but have trouble merging the comments together.
  5. Hmm,i am basically okay with any songs but the genre i like is those smoothing ones like bossa nova.
  6. Oh okay,when can you play?Tho if we are from different countries the time will be a difference
  7. Oh thanks for the clarifications. oh okay,will check out other tamas right now.😃Meanwhile,can you tell me some of your recommended tamas?
  8. I do prefer english than chinese and i am not from china just saying.Thanks! Oh i dint knew that Bandai Asia prefer to use english as i watch several videos in you tube and saw that it was Japanese.Thanks for clarifying.
  9. 💕I love to listen to songs a lot what are some of your favorite songs?
  10. Just asking as i would really like to have a fly potion:) but too bad i am not allowed to buy robux so...☹️ Hoping if anyone could give me ? Please anyone?Can i have a fly potion with trade with a mouse or dog leash i need to see which i have first.
  11. Please recommend some tamagotchi to me. Please show me the pic of it,name of the tamagotchi and some links to buy it from.Thank you 💕 Please indicate if it talks in English or Chinese i am bad at japanese apparently hehe😅 Please indicate the functions of it too(if can)(special functions) Personally some tamagotchi i found cheap are called Q-pet and Tuoma pet Q-pet👶HelloBaby-Cartoon-Electronic-Pet-Game-Machine-Handheld-Virtual-Pet-Toy-Birthday-Gift-for-Kids-i.235316985.7238245641 Tuoma pet👶HelloBaby-Cartoon-Electronic-Pet-Game-Handheld-Virtual-Pet-Kids-Toy-Gift-i.235316985.7538244885 Functions of Tuoma pet and Q pet ^This is a shopping website,you have to scroll down to see the functions:) Please recommend me some of your best and favorite tamagotchis with the links of where you can buy from Thanks!
  12. @Penguin-keeper when i mean chargeable i do not mean chargeable batteries wheres i meant like those tamagotchi which can be charge directly like phones .I appreciate everyone's help tho! Oh and by the way i am new here and my tamagotchi is those fake one sorry if it insults you somehow as you are a tamagotchi lover but it is those that can have the language function of English and Chinese as of course i cant read Japanese Haha and cant afford to buy a super expensive tamagotchi(usually 100 plus dollar here.) but i am very interested in it and would want to learn more about it.(Will show you guys my tamagotchi if have the time to post) Last but not least,any tamagotchi recommendations? Thanks for everyone's help:)👶HelloBaby-Cartoon-Electronic-Pet-Game-Machine-Handheld-Virtual-Pet-Toy-Birthday-Gift-for-Kids-i.235316985.7238245641 Sorry i cant upload a pic because too big and here is the link of an example of my type of tamagotchi