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  1. Hey everyone! I need to leave this account. I will not be on here for a very long time. I’m not sure how long. I haven’t been on this site for long, but I have had lots of fun! Thank you all so much for making my experience great. I will log out sometime in the next few days, so I may not see it if you reply or react to this.


  2. yes! i will probably order a gudetama sometime in the next week and run that, but after i finish that one, i will most likely do this one again! just to let you know, this is the only Tama i own right now
  3. rest in peace Jelly Bean..... you will be missed. so yes, he died. I forgot about him for too long. So now he’s dead. He was 20 years old. ill probably get a gudetama tamagotchi now, but idk. bye
  4. So..... my Tama wakes up at 9 am. But at 9 today, I was baking. And forgot about Jelly bean (my Tama) I didn’t realize he was awake until 10:20 thankfully he’s alive He was just really hungry and sad Hopefully I don’t forget again! btw, I’ve been pausing him a lot since I’ve been doing stuff (aka, blueberry picking and Minecraft)
  5. I don’t listen to BTS but I’ve heard a lot about them. What kind of music is it?
  6. 14 years old and already and adult.... #logic
  7. So..... I'm really bad at playing games with my Tama (Gen 1)

    Any advice?

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    2. 321Boom


      That's fascinating, I never noticed there were some set patterns back when I used to use my Gen 1! I just went with the flow and that saw me through most of the time xD Thanks for that extra information :)

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Because of the other changes (including a change to the Gen 2's high/low game), I was quite surprised that the 2017/2018 reissues retained the patterns, honestly!

      Start looking out for things like "Left, Left, Left, Right, Right", or "Left, Right, Left, Right, Right", or similar, and you'll start to pick them up. Of course, you still have to guess at which pattern has been picked, and sometimes that process of elimination pans out and other times it doesn't - that's where luck comes in. :P

    4. Kitty_Tama_<3
  8. Jelly bean is now an adult!! I’m really happy because I’ve never gotten my Tama to an adult before, plus this ya my favorite character. Hopefully he’ll survive for a long time! Thanks for checking this out!
  9. So.... Jelly bean is 7, but has been paused. He should be an Adult soon. I’ll post when he is. this is him. thanks for checking this out!
  10. Lol is it just me:newmametchi:......

    Or do other people turn on the sound of their Tama and put it in the bathroom somewhere when they shower or bathe incase their Tama needs attention? I do this....


    Don't bully me for this please..... I know I'm weird.

    1. 321Boom


      Haha that's cute not weird, you're not going to get bullied for that around here! :) For bathing that's definitely necessary since it might take a while and you wouldn't want to leave your tama in another room for too long, especially if you're taking a nice long relaxing bath! Shows your love for your tama wanting it to be so close to you all the time :) (I would put it in a small ziplock bag in case of steam and condensation though to avoid moisture and damage happening to your tama)

    2. Kitty_Tama_<3
    3. Eggiweg


      If I was running a tamagotchi ocean I'd definitely do that, but my other tamas aren't so needy.

  11. I made this so people can share their favorite music. (Any kind) I love the Hamilton soundtrack. It's almost all that I listen too. It was really cool to see it on disney+. What is your favorite music?
  12. Jelly Bean is asleep.... for some reason, I think the photo is sideways. sorry about that. anyways, I just want to add some info about him. he is a young Mametchi (teen) his age is 6, so he’ll be an adult soon. Keep in mind tho, that I have had to pause him multiple times. i am using a gen 1 Tama. Thanks for checking this out! (hopefully I’ll post again today with update on him evolving..)
  13. So I'm late at starting a log for him, but whatever. My Tama is named Jelly bean and he is a teen. his age is 6, but he has been paused before. Note: I use a gen 1 Tamagotchi Here he is...... Sorry if its small or blurry, I'm new here. Thanks for checking this out!
  14. I'm new here so I'm wondering......

    Do people post random updates on their Tama and Profile?

    I want to know baaaaaadly

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    2. iTamannadi


      Yeah people can do that, if you want to log you can in Tamagotchi Blogs section ;) 

    3. Eggiweg


      I think it's pretty normal around here

    4. Kitty_Tama_<3


      Thank you guys! I'm still exploring Tamatalk, so your replys help alot.

  15. Is this just me??

    When I start a new Tama life (It's a gen 1) I name it and claim its gender. Is that weird?-_-

    My current one is named Jelly Bean and is a Boy btw 

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    2. Tacoburritotchi


      @Kitty_Tama_<3 Wow, how do you  do that? 0o0

    3. Kitty_Tama_<3


      @Tacoburritotchi not like that. I don't change the character, its only in my head. Sorry to disappoint. -_-

    4. Tacoburritotchi


      Ah, it's okay! :)