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  1. Lol is it just me:newmametchi:......

    Or do other people turn on the sound of their Tama and put it in the bathroom somewhere when they shower or bathe incase their Tama needs attention? I do this....


    Don't bully me for this please..... I know I'm weird.

    1. 321Boom


      Haha that's cute not weird, you're not going to get bullied for that around here! :) For bathing that's definitely necessary since it might take a while and you wouldn't want to leave your tama in another room for too long, especially if you're taking a nice long relaxing bath! Shows your love for your tama wanting it to be so close to you all the time :) (I would put it in a small ziplock bag in case of steam and condensation though to avoid moisture and damage happening to your tama)

    2. Kitty_Tama_<3
    3. Eggiweg


      If I was running a tamagotchi ocean I'd definitely do that, but my other tamas aren't so needy.