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  1. @Berks lmao Glad you're enjoying it! SO, I am once again, returning with a tamalog update! I left for a vacation on the 25th and got back two days ago, and during that time, I took the batteries out of my tama. Here's some generations y'all missed since my last update. Last generation we left off with was with Pastel, who ended up marrying an absolute cutie, and of course their offspring decided to keep everything except the hat. 😤 Here's the following two generations: Gen 5 brought my first set of twins!! AND I have another set of twins, which leads to their name reveal. Guess who's totally excited to have boys purely because I can marry them to mimitchi
  2. After quite the small hiatus (yay depression) I now have some updates! Here's Dabadee as he grew up! I sort of worried he wouldn't keep his blue color as an adult, because of his teen stage, but he kept it and married a sweet little tama on the app! And this is their son, who I named Pastel. Also: I have been having the worst luck with unlocking wonderland. I've tried quite a number of things and it just isn't working. Every time I go outside to the yard, nothing happens!
  3. Time for an update! Yesterday, Squishy evolved into a teen! I sent him to food town and he met Kuchipatchi there. This morning he evolved into Kuromametchi! Usually I wait a day or two before marrying them off, but since he's the first generation, I mostly wanted to get those genetics going. After many, MANY rejections, I eventually found these cute twins who accepted my proposal. They had a little blue boy! I have the perfect name... I'm such a child.
  4. Okay I'm clearly missing something with how I'm supposed to embed the pictures. What am I missing? Lmao nevermind I just wasn't clicking on the right thing
  5. Hello hello! I've been lurking on here for forever, but after receiving my wonder garden on, I decided to finally make a log of my own! After doing a few resets to get the gym on my Magic on, I got this cute little boy! While you can't name your tama on the 1st generation, I've given this little guy the oh-so-creative name of Squishy. Look how cute he is when he sleeps!!! 🥰 Then he evolved into clubutchi! And then he just started playing a little concert, it was cute. Also I got him a pet! I'm usually really forgetful about getting my tamas pets, but this time I really wanna play around with it if I can.