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  1. I suspect you meant to attach an image here? I am not sure what device you're talking about
  2. Welp! Good news and bad news! The good news is that the replacement showed up a surprising 2 days early! The bad news is that the broken one has decided it never wants to be freed from the depths of the bone zone ever again. So I'd like to lovingly dub the twins A̡͔ͤͭ͑̆B͖̣̲̃Óͭͫ́̀M̤͇͎̺̰̔̎̀͝Ȉ̛̍̈́͗ͤ̊ͣN͈͇̦̒͊͐Â̲͖̗̼̭͉͍͒͐̑̓ͦ͡T̓̓ͮ̆̐̍͏̺̳͙͈I̱̞ͭ̇̇ͣ̐ͫ͐O̷N̕ and Baby What an interesting pair
  3. I've already ordered a replacement! It's being delivered on Monday. I didn't actually contact bandai about it as i don't know where the recipt is. I do not plan to open this one as i don't trust myself with such small circuits Lol i will if i can find the receipt but if not i don't mind the odd commodity being on my shelf. It sounds like ot isn't that common of an issue and despite being broken i do kind of like it. I certainly own MORE cursed objects
  4. Actually I've had it long enough to have gone through several generations with the occasional issue and then had it sit on my shelf for a while. It became less and less usable until that line died and i didn't want to fuss with it anymore. I tend to play with my tamas in spurts. If i bring one of em a new battery i will do it to all of them. My Pac-Man is actually the newest one
  5. This is a very helpful response but i don't know if I'm all that confident in my soldering skills for such a small device. I will definitely be on the lookout for the receipt. Knowing what the inside looks like, I think this us probably my precise issue: a loose or damaged ribbon cable. It arrived as such and only did this a few times when new but now it's near constant. If what Penguin said is true, it may become permanent with more time.
  6. I was not able to locate the receipt for the poor thing but i was able to find the same model and color listed online. It is expected to deliver on Monday. I'm sad to see this one go but it's more than likely going to end up getting sick and dying in this state, as it seems to cry out while glitched pretty frequently.
  7. I just got home with a brand new pack of Duracell and swapped it out. Unfortunately this has made no difference, though i did have enough visual information to hit continue and give my tama some medicine before having it go right back to the bone zone This is probably going to have to be my course of action. That's a bummer. Being a manufacturing issue is the only thing that really makes sense As sad as it makes me, the issue does appear to be getting more and more persistent, having lasted an entire hour this morning. It may be time to retire this particular On.
  8. Kirkland is a very reputable brand where I live but I'll give it a shot. I'll add as a note here that my sister has a pink one that doesn't experience this issue at all. We originally got them so we could play with fhem together but this has made it kind of tricky
  9. Thanks for at least trying ;; i can't find anything about this specific issue anywhere online and I'm kind of thinking i should order a replacement, but it's sad because it works great when it isn't like this.
  10. Brand? Hang on. These are Kirkland Signature. They're a home brand from Costco
  11. It is... it makes it very hard to take good care of because it will still call out if it poops, is hungry or otherwise needs help- and i can't see anything in order to help. I'm using standard AAA batteries. The On uses 2 of them. They're actually brand new as i just put them in a few hours ago.
  12. Perhaps this reply is a little late, but this product was definitely genuine! I went and dug out my other LPS virtual toy since this made me remember it. They had more reasonable shapes too lol. It's definitely an official Hasbro product and is marked on the back with a release date of 2006. I tested it out of curiousity and it runs the exact same batteries most tamagotchis do. It also still remembers my old progress data. Weird. There was also a plug n play game for the tv. I still have that as well.
  13. I still have it, actually- though it no longer works! I remember distinctly going on my family's yearly summer car trip to go visit my grandparents and i was super enthralled with my Connection. I was probably about 6 or 7. I accidentally forgot it in a gas station bathroom when my mom made me set it down and i remember realizing it was gone and crying my absolute EYES out until my parents went back so we could get it back. To my delight it was still there on the bathroom counter. Mom thought for sure someone would try to pocket it. I never left it out of my sight ever again. Now I'm almost 23 and i still keep it where i can find it lol
  14. Update: pressing buttons still makes yhe normal sound responses. My tamagotchi will even play happy sounds if i press the third button. It's just the screen.
  15. I don't understand why but there will be times that I wake up my tamagotchi on and the whole screen will be a garbled error [seen as attached]. It sometimes will last for several minutes and is unusable in this state. Occasionally it will work but the colors will have a few errors going on. After it does so it will go back to normal as if it never even happened. It can't possibly be a heat issue because it will do this no matter where I am or how hot it is. Does anyone know what this is or how to fix it?