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  1. Honestly I didnt even know there were different language releases but it makes sense! Do you guys no anything about the glitch letters that show up now and then? Ive heard some are japanese letters but no way to confirm. Id also love to have the glitch happen where the tama is made up of items lol. That one is my favorite but Ive had it happen just twice. and the second time I got battery kill screened
  2. It honestly is a really awesome feature and would have been cool to have enabled in all of them, but i can understand the reasoning for the devs removing it. Is there any way to enable it on a north american tama? I have 2 jumpers, JP1 and JP2. JP3 is debug. On the LCD size my test bench tama has c7-c10 and r3,r4 points which all seem to have small resistors on em
  3. I am hoping so! I would pay some serious coin for some sort of low power tamagotchi emulator that was true to the original V2 V3 ect... There must be a way to get into it, and I know a few of us have must have the patience to do so Hoo Boo
  4. That totally looks like a debug feature but who knows? Ive personally never came across that before, at least not as obvious as this lol. Maybe its because my tamas are all USA? Im in Canada so Id assume north american devices up here. I have been looking into trying to bust into the ROM but that is much over my head. However, I have lots of free time now and nothing better to do I've examined the ROM chip and found some info on it My tama currently on the operating table has an ISSI rom in it, which is pretty well documented. Ive never done anything like this before and am working slow but hoping to get some others together and make the magic happen lol Issi 607 408-a 20 6C 40BA-26
  5. That's a pretty awesome find! I thought id take a peek back in the forum and see if there was anything going on. I'm still bent on doing a ROM dump of this V3 I have sitting on my desk, but have been playing around with more battery stuff lately. Looks like were still active in here! Do you have a link for the discord? I've got a new facebook account as well and forgot your name thx
  6. Ah yes! After much time looking finally finding some others who like doing this! I am the creator of the video and Ive recently made a part 2 I have noticed almost everything you guys have while doing these glitches! I have never had the "all items in shop are glitched out text" happen before! -The rarest one IMO has been the one where the character turned into the items, i have only had that happen ONCE and luckily had my camera to capture it! (I had it happen a second time but had the annoying battery X screen come up and nae nae me) I have been doing lots of glitches lately and have a few videos on the way for a part 3! Just had one happen where my adult tama glitched into the teen with a baby loll (have a video of it) also would like to add that I use battery often but actually am using a variable power supply unit to save batteries lol. (I will make a hot to video soon if you all want ) Excited to talk to you all about this! I have facebook and such as well