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  1. I would, but all the images probably wouldn't fit.
  2. Lea and Mimi are so close to ageing up! I've been taking them to eachother's houses a bunch today!
  3. Today, I got Bean and Jazz married! Bean married a Pompomtchi, and they had a baby girl named Mimi. Jazz got married to Lovelitchi, and they had a girl named Lea.
  4. i forgot to post! ahh! anyways, Jazz and Bean evolved into a teen and now an adult. Jazz: why do you keep forgetting things? Bean: Y-yeah! Ummm... I forgot, like, one thing. And it was to post here.
  5. Happy birthday, Jazz! That's right, Jazz aged up. apparently the photo is too big, ugh. Jazz: I'm starting to think this log will have no pictures. Bean: Yeah. I might just agree with you guys.
  6. Oh, and this Jazz's friend and/or brother.. Bean! but apparently the file is too big! Come on! Jazz: The file is, like, tiny. How is it too big???? Bean: How are they supposed to love me get to know me if they can't even see me? Both good concerns. "YoU aRe OnLy AlLowEd tO uPlOaD tHiS aMouNt o' FiLe" *mocking spongebob intensifies* welp. EDIT: i found a better way to show pictures. thanks Penguin Keeper!
  7. I should've started this log earlier, but whatever... But at least I have a name for it now! Seeing as I'm still figuring this log out, the format might switch between a normal log and a roleplay sort of log (the tama and me talking to eachother). Anyways, I'm on my 23rd gen of tamas now. But meet our current tama, Jazz! Nothing much happened, mostly because Jazz is a little baby and you can't really do much with them. Jazz: Hey! That's not really an insult. Plus, your only a baby for, like, an hour. Jazz: I guess.. But.. That doesn't mean I have to like it! I guess not. Jazz ate a lot, and would occasionally play with his bear. Which makes me wonder, where does the toy bear go once your tama becomes a child? You can't see it in the items, but what happens to it? Jazz: What? Nothing! For a while, Jazz watched YouTube with me and hopped around his room until he was tired and took a lil nap.
  8. Hmm.... Well, at one of my cats knocked the thing down two stair steps. This started a couple days ago, maybe the day after my cat did that. Also, the tama seems to do this less and less.
  9. I'm using Amazon rechargable batteries. The thing is, I have one other tamagotchi (a Tamagotchi ON, like this one, expect it's the Magic version instead of Fairy), which doesn't do this, and yet the batteries are the same brand. The battery cover seems to be in place normally. I changed the batteries, it still does this. Maybe the brand is the problem?
  10. Hi. So, my tamagotchi will sometimes make the "reset" noise and ask me if I want to reset, even though I didn't try to reset or even change the batteries. The tama this occuring on is a Tamagotchi ON Fairy Pink, if that helps. I'm also on my 22nd gen of tamas, but I don't think that's important. I'm really stressed about it, so could any of you guys help? Thanks!