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  1. Wow, Hinotamatchi is on fire! (literally). Definetly I'll try to get this dude on my 2nd round Thanks!!
  2. Hey there, i've started tama connection V2 for the very first time ever; I would like to read tips about care and how to get certain characters but i can't find guides as easy as for another tamas; would love any help or links Tnahks!
  3. Kutchipatchi is the fav character I had. I've been always amazed by Oyajitchi, the sake drinker and beautiful women lover and also Tabakotchi and his Yakuza connections.
  4. Kutchipatchi is my curse 😂 i've commited a ton of care misses and neglects (sleeping with poop, feeding candies, etc) haha; thought that would lead to the worst Tongaritchi adult; seems a bit more complicated than i thought! I'll try again in a few days, need some rest!
  5. Can't believe what happened; i hadTongaritchi took really bad care of him to get Zuccitchi but i got Kusatchi instead!!! WTF is that even possible??
  6. I'm trying to get Sekitoritchi for the very first time ever; Still on Tongaritchi, hope to grow into Zuccitchi today 💊 I'm a bit afraid i didn't neglected enough so i'll get Pochitchi, so much suspense...
  7. I'm almost sure the meters were never completely empty, first time in years i can take care of a tama as it deserves thanks to the work from home thing 😂 I've started hatching again last friday and i've Tongaritchi so i think the device is fine; i did something wrong the last time but i don't know what.
  8. If i'm awful taking care of Shirobabitchi, that would affect other stages? I think at this early stage the meters could be empty until the tama called a couple of times...
  9. 1 - I think the attention icon used to be On when i turned the lights off, at least i saw it multiple times... 2- Didn't turned lights on when sleeping. 3 - Indeed, i got the bad care teen character, the one wich looks like a blob with beak and no legs 😂 I've raised this dude just two times, once in Japan and the second time back in my country, i remember i had Hashizotchi who had a sudden death (shocking). The the device was off with batteries inside and the little plastic to keep it off since then. Seems i'll have to reset the device and see what happens.
  10. No Snacks at all, not even 1; pretty sure i was there for most of the discipline calls, around 75% of them; can't believe i've got the worst care character 😂 The only negative thing it comes to my mind, is me beign active once the character had 1 heart less in the meters, not feeding or playing every 15minutes; but it has to be something i don't understood on the matter. I was heating up to turn on my Jap P's again but it seems i'm not even close to be ready!
  11. Hey guys, need some help on my japanese p2 remake; i'm not able to get a better character but Kusatchi 😂 I've him netx to me all day long, no big neglects (poop clean, no poop sleeping, lights out 5 min after sleeping, etc). Got meters full or 3/4 most of the time, discipline was like 75% and 100% on gwrowing stages; i don't know what i'm doing wrong!! I feed or play just when the meter goes 3/4, i think that could be the problem. Need some guidance here!
  12. I live far away, i'm afraid ebay won't be such a business, once i've sold an small drone to the US and the shipping cost on carriers as ups or fedex was twice the cost of the drone ðŸĪŠ I'll probably let them rest in peace, or do a keychain with some leds haha
  13. tryed everything, they're dead and i don't know why; the red one has some wear from battery drain on the motherboard, i'm not an electronics guy but it doesn't seems good. The Dinokun looks fine but won't work
  14. Epic data my friend!! I'll keep looking for some Japanese speaker who could help me with those dialogs, I'll post here if I find smth!
  15. Hey there, i'm really curious about this scene at my Tamagotchi package. Could someone please xplain me what's happening there? Why there are some dudes drilling the earth and some others are in burning lava; what about the UFO? Google translate won't work with that layout, just some small pieces of text can be translated and makes no sense...