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  1. How rare is a Nanopets puppy family, if anybody finds one on ebay or craigslist, both pets or not reply me, I may buy it
  2. I pressed the Reset button on my Pocket neopets kacheek and started a new game, level one, 100 health, I hope I take good care of him than last the run

    Is this Gigapets Explorer Hamster with the controller starting at $30 USD seem like a good deal?

    1. Eggiweg


      It's not too bad, you can check completed ebay listings to see what it has sold for in the past. Really though, these things are really worth how much you're willing to pay for them.

  4. Whoops I did not feed my kacheek today and his health was low, so when I woke up and pressed the button, it said "Gloun" (my kacheek's name) "Was not taken care of and died, would you like a new KACHEEK?" I said no and the only pocket neopet that is running is the Aisha
  5. Pretty basic stuff, like older tamas, but a bit more advanced, like a Connection
  6. I heard on other tamagotchi websites that Tama ON's have rare pets on the Wondergarden version. This was a thing back in the Connection v3.5 days and for good reason. But looking at the full evo chart for the ON there was no new/rare character, so is this a hoax?