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  1. I like Uwasatchi and Kuromametchi because Uwasatchi is cute and Kuromametchi looks like me when I go to my drum lessons
  2. Is it just me, or does Uwasatchi's name sound similar to the Japanese word for Rumors

    1. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      That is probably true, as in the anime one of her big 'personality traits' is spreading rumors/gossip.

    2. Klonoa13


      Considering she's all about finding gossips and rumors, that wouldn't be too far-fetched if that was an intentional reference to her name. XD

  3. I found the funniest thing in the world, a bootleg tama just called Virtual Pet(s?) it's that same 100,000,000 Pets in 1 handheld I was talking about, but in a sleeker case. EDIT: I found the packing for the Virtual Pet I found more bootleg tamas! This one STOLE art and software from bandai, shame on them
  4. Note: I only play Rewritten a I'm looking for somebody to play Toontown with me because most of my friends are offline. I'm a red duck, name is Z.Z. Weaselquack, who is doing tasks in TTC
  5. I always listen to Romeo Void's "Never Say Never", man the 80s were a wild ride. If you guys like punk and are not sensitive to the f word, why not listen to it
  6. I also hate bootleg tamas, I saw a video on one, there was a reset button on the front of one of them, and they would reset the thing to the beginning. They are just these stupid 1,000,000 Pets in One handheld games. Such a shame
  7. There was no packing, just a floppy with a bar-code on it and had said "The Official Computer-ized Tamagotchi, Developed by SGA in collaboration with BanDai"
  8. I do play puyo puyo, tetris and mariokart wii
  9. (Note the footage that you will see is running under the lovely OTVDM project because my win98 laptop is pretty slow) So, what happens when you take a windows 3.1 computer, fiddle around with visual basic to make a virtual pet and license it to Bandai, you get WinTama! A slow, kinda crummy version of the og tamas. Start it up for the first time and you get this Just enter your tamas name and then you get a small window As it says just click to hatch, no wait time! Now we have our pet, looks like a pretty Windows 3.1-ish og tama with all the icons lit up. If you played with a first gen tama, the icons will make sense Clicking the lightbulb blanks the screen and closes out the program (I did not get a picture but) Clicking the food icon will show some bread, and will feed your tama Clicking the play icon just shows hearts, no minigame (sometimes it wont go back to the tama, causing me to exit and reopen) Info has your info, pretty simple (And there is scold and the peanut, but they dont do anything special as this version is ment to run on less powerful machines, and attention and schedules take up a lot of CPU cycles) And I have to say that this version will die very easy on day 1, had to do about 3-4 runs to get a perfect run, and did I mention that 1 hour = 1 year So my thoughts on WinTama, its ok, did have some fun with it, bugs and crashes are everywhere and sometimes the tama dies on first hatch. It would have been fun back in the 90s but for now, its better left unsung.
  10. I broke out my old Windows 98 laptop because I had a copy of WinTama, and man is it bad (full post coming soon!)

    1. Penguin-keeper


      I'm looking forward to reading about that - there's a certain charm about the oddball conversions that Bandai licensed back then! :D

    2. BENJAMIN91609


      Full post is out

      Mostly screenshots though

  11. How rare is a Nanopets puppy family, if anybody finds one on ebay or craigslist, both pets or not reply me, I may buy it
  12. I pressed the Reset button on my Pocket neopets kacheek and started a new game, level one, 100 health, I hope I take good care of him than last the run

    Is this Gigapets Explorer Hamster with the controller starting at $30 USD seem like a good deal?

    1. Eggiweg


      It's not too bad, you can check completed ebay listings to see what it has sold for in the past. Really though, these things are really worth how much you're willing to pay for them.