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  1. Age 2: Bagle (Fuyofuyotchi) is now 70g so I waited a while and it aged up into Kuchipatchi, YAY! I am now attempting to make Bagle 25g so I can get Jeanist Kuchipatchi! Making Kuchipatchi lose 45g is gonna be a huge chore but it'll be worth it!
  2. Age 1: As I am aiming to get Kuchipatchi I will have to get 10 cooking skill and make him 60g! This may take a while... (Ps. sorry i didn't make an update yesterday I was caught up in school and I completely forgot!)
  3. Hey! I'm starting a group hatching soon so if u r interested here's the link :lol:

  4. aw that's ok, i doubt ppl will join but thank u also i hope u get a tamagotchi soon ^w^
  5. Rn i am playing Danganronpa 2 ^-^ I am rly enjoying it so far!
  6. Hello! I thought it would be fun to do a group hatching! I will be using my P2! I hope ppl join! 16th september 12:25pm (AUS) Edit: you can suggest a different time if this one doesn't work for u
  7. Hello there! I'm bored so like- say anything and just talk
  8. Yeees I agree! I rly love Nyatchi as well as Kuromametchi! Alo tysm for joining this club ^w^
  9. I have recently started a log! check it out if u r interested ^-^

    Also plz follow @Memetchi_4eva thx :wub:

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      awwww thx ❤️

  10. Age 0: After an hour of care it has aged up into a Fuyofuyotchi! I am aimng to get a kuchipatchi! I've also bought a frying pan so i can get more cooking skill!
  11. Age: 0 It's a boy! Last gen I got a boy as well so I'm kinda dissapointed but that's ok! (edit) I've decided to name it bagle
  12. This is my tamagotchi log, I have already gone through 1 gen of my tamagotchi 4U so I'll just start from my current gen!
  13. My fav tamagotchi is a tie between Mimitchi and Kuchipatchi. I also have recently gotton a Tama 4U and I got a kuromametchi. This time I will get a Kuchipatchi though...
  14. Hello everyone! I was just woundering if anyone knew how to gain skill points with a 4U. I think your supposed to play with a specific toy or maybe I'm supposed to go to school?
  15. *update* My tamagotchi 4U has arrived I'm trying to get Kuromametchi ^-^
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome ^w^ rn I have a 2017 remake of the tamagotchi p2! I have ordered a 4u and It'll arive soon!
  17. AAA my tamagotchi ran out of batteries, now i need to get those weird circular batteries :,) I only have one so I can't just jump to another. How many Tamagotchis do you have?
  18. Hello everyone seeing this! ^^