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  1. It's no problem! It's not every day you get the opportunity to document something like this. I've wanted a moment like this throughout all my years of collecting niche stuff if I'm honest. It makes me happy to share info on something like this. Hopefully I'll get all the puzzles from it copied off it soon - it's dependant on how fast it takes for me to solve em until my friend who is actually good at Picross is in town. It's a type of logic puzzle - similar to crosswords made popular in Japan. You have to create a black and white image using the numbers and grid provided, see the recreated puzzles and their results to see roughly how it's done.
  2. I'm not the best at Picross, but it was a very lucky find! I'm hoping to play through it all and upload all of it's puzzles, but at my speed it will be a while haha
  3. Unsolved Puzzle Recreations - I'm currently stuck on Puzzle 3 of the P1 Egg Set Solved Puzzle Recreations One of my friends who are better at Picross than me is going to help me complete them.
  4. The Tamagotchi Digital Pocket Background information What is it? During the peak of Vintage Tamagotchi in Japan - Bandai capitalised on the Virtual Pet toy's popularity by making a variety of spin-off LCD games. This device - the Tamagotchi Digital Pocket, is one of them. I estimate that it was released in 1997/98 as supported by the copyright information on the back of the device - and the fact it contains P2 assets. It's unknown how popular these devices were - however they have become incredibly obscure. Gameplay Starting up a game. On starting up the device - you'll be greeted with an image of the P1 Egg. Pressing the B button will allow you to change between the default egg (P1), the P2 Black Egg, or Obaketchi - as of this moment in time I believe that these are different puzzle sets a player can pick between. On pressing the A button the User will be able to select between two difficulties - 'Hard' and 'Easy' - the major difference between the two is the playable time limit. Hard mode gives the player 25 minutes to complete a Picross puzzle, where as Easy gives the user 45 minutes. After this the user is given two options - 'Play'; which starts the puzzle without additional hints, leaving the player to solve the puzzle themselves, or 'Hint'; which draws two lines, one vertical, one horizontal to give the user a bit of a head-start. The Gameplay The Gameplay itself is your standard Picross fare. The numbers on the top-row of the display represent how many blocks you have to fill in horizontally, while the numbers on the side represent vertical. The goal is to use these numbers to correctly fill in a sprite. When the player makes a mistake - time is deducted from them. So far from my tests these seem to mostly be Tamagotchi P1 and P2 sprites - I'll be keeping an Imgur album of completed puzzles when they are done. Pausing The pause button is the bottom 'option' button - this will take you to a screen with a question-mark. Up and down on the D-Pad will allow you to change the device's contrast - left and right will allow you to select between 'Play', 'Sound' and 'Give-up' and selected with the A button. On Puzzle Completion The device will play an animation from the item you have completed - in the case of an Egg, it will play a breaking animation. After this you will unlock new puzzles to complete, confirming my suspicion that the different eggs were in fact different puzzle sets. To avoid spoilers the device shows a babytchi doing various little animations ripped from the Tamagotchi P1 device. Pressing the 'A' button will take you to the next puzzle. Questions about the device are welcome!
  5. So it's just arrived - here's some info I've been able to gather from my first hour or so of tinkering. Startup. Features a P1/P2 Era Egg by default - this can be changed by pressing the B button, the device will beep and let you pick between a ‘Spotted Egg’, a ‘Black Egg’ or ‘Obaketchi’. I am currently unsure on what these options do, but I believe they have different puzzle sets between them. ‘A’ will enter you into the basic game. Game. On the ‘A’ button being pressed, you’ll be given two choices in English, Easy or Hard. For the time being (until I get better at Picross) I tend to pick ‘Easy’. After this you are given the choice of ‘Play’ or ‘Hint?’. ‘Play’ will start you on an empty Picross field, while ‘Hint’ will draw two lines, horizontal and vertical - position changes per puzzle. The Puzzles themselves. From my experience so far they mostly seem to be a collection of sprites from P1/P2 Era Tamagotchis as expected. The gameplay is standard Picross, although the display did confuse me at first. The top column of numbers refers to block placement on the ‘X’ axis instead of ‘Y’ like I had thought, and vice-versa on the side column of numbers. The puzzles are timed - Easy mode puzzles are ~45 minutes in length - however time is taken off with mistakes. ‘A’ will confirm a selection, and place a ‘block’ in the tile grid, if it is correct the device will play the P1/P2 era ‘Select’ sound effect, if it is incorrect it will use the sound effect used when your Tamagotchi loses in a mini-game in the P1/P2 era devices. Aside from this, there is an options button. Pressing that will take you to a pause menu with a large question mark. Up and down on the D-Pad will adjust the device’s contrast (which is very very useful, as by default it's hard to distinguish between the half-full 'incorrect blocks' and the full correct blocks), while left and right will put you through the top menu being ‘Sound’ - Turns sound effects on and off - ‘Play’ - Resume Play - ‘Give-up’ - Quit your current puzzle. I'll take some photos in the evening and do a proper write up when I can.
  6. Huh that's super interesting. I never knew Bandai made Tamagotchi themed LCD games that weren't virtual pets haha. I'm definitely excited to get this in the mail. If I remember I'll take photos/videos of it in action, because there is nothing on it online outside of the forum post you mentioned.
  7. European ON release as a definite. And I would love a V3 Connexion rerelease, as that was the (arguable) peak of the Connexion series.
  8. Hi there, long time lurker (I used to read posts on this forum when I was a kid back in the V3-V4 era) first time poster. I recently won a 'Digital Pocket' Tamagotchi, from my eye-balling at it's copyright dates and it's design I can tell that it's a vintage era gotchi, but that's about it. Does anyone have info on it? I'd like to know something about it's release, programming, tamas available and minigames (I mean it has a D-Pad and Face buttons that remind me of a GameBoy so I'm sure it has something unique there.) Many thanks!